This is an update to a previous notification.

The sidewalk, parking space, alley and parking lot entrance closures around the Pride Center have been extended through Friday, June 14.

Please see schedule below:

Through 6/14: a section of sidewalk on the north side of SW A Ave., directly in front of the Pride Center, will be closed. Pedestrians may use the crosswalk at SW 15th St. and the south sidewalk to detour around the area. (View map)

Through 6/14: the alley behind the Pride Center (SW May Ave.) will be closed along with several parking spaces on the north side of the roadway. Vehicles may enter May Ave. from 15th St. to access the parking lot east of the Pride Center, but no through traffic will be permitted. Vehicles may also enter May Ave. from 17th St. to access the parking lot west of the Pride Center or parking around Cascade Hall, but no through traffic behind the Pride Center will be permitted. (View map)

Through 6/14: the SW A Ave. entrance to the parking lot west of the Pride Center will be closed. Vehicles may enter the parking lot from the SW 17th St. entrance. The exit lane from the parking lot to A Ave. will remain open.  (View map)

Other possible impacts include noise near the work site.

For questions or comments on this closure, contact Construction Manager Scylise Little.  

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