The Gilbert Hall elevator will be out of service effective Wednesday, September 27. Due to the need for repair and specialized parts, this is expected to be an extended service outage. A temporary, ADA-accessible ramp will be constructed on the east side of the building which will allow access to the first floor classroom. The ramp is currently under construction and is expected to be complete by Monday, October 2.

ADA access to the Gilbert Hall basement will remain available from the NW Monroe Avenue entrance. Access to the second and third floors will be available via the Gilbert Hall Addition across the bridge into Gilbert Hall.

The map shows an aerial view of Gilbert Hall with a temporary ramp location marked on the east side. The access bridge from the Gilbert Hall Addition is also marked.

For questions or comments on this closure, contact Construction Manager Eric Smith at (541) 409-5037.

11/10/22 @ 11:15am Operation to the freight elevator has been restored.

The freight elevator at Linus Pauling Science Center is currently shut down for emergency repairs. A restoral date is unknown at this time, replacement parts are on order. Updates will be provided when they are available. For questions contact Facilities Services at 737-2969.

A planned shutdown for the elevator located in Rogers Hall is scheduled to start on Wednesday, January 5, 2022 through Friday, February 25, 2022. Renovation work will be performed during the shutdown. Impacted buildings include Rogers Hall, Graf Hall and Dearborn Hall.

For questions or comments on this closure, contact Project Manager David Amundson at 541-737-2760.

Rogers Hall area map