Pacific Power is scheduling a power outage on August 29th, 2023. Their substation operations team needs to perform routine maintenance on the transformers in the 35th Street Substation. The outage will begin Tuesday morning at 3:00 am with an estimated completion time of 7:00 am.  Please see the list of impacted buildings below.

 Affected buildings:

  • RAIL Complex and Lagoon Pump
  • Swine Barn/Center
  • Irrigation Pump
  • Dairy Parlor
  • Dairy Barn
  • Turkey Office
  • Turkey Barn
  • Turkey House
  • West Irrigation Pumps
  • Dairy House
  • Rabbit Research Labs I &II
  • Farm Service and Storage
  • Animal Physiology
  • Beef Barn/Sheep Barn
  • Small Animal Lab
  • Hogg Animal Metabolism Laboratory
  • James E. Oldfield Animal Teaching Facility
  • Seed Lab
  • Motor Pool
  • Clark Laboratory
  • Sackett Hall
  • West Greenhouse
  • Wiegand Hall
  • East Greenhouse
  • Radiation Center (Reactor Room C136)
  • Cordley East Temporary Power
  • Withycombe Temporary Power

What do you need to do to prepare for this outage? Please make sure that all computers, printers, copiers, and other electronic devices are turned off prior to August 29th , 2023. If you have an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), also known as a battery back-up, please be sure to turn it off as well.

Convergint will be conducting annual fire alarm & sprinkler testing.  Testing will take place in the buildings listed below.  The testing will be brief and include both sounding of alarms and strobes. As part of the testing, building occupants may notice occasional beeping coming from the fire panel and horns and strobe lights activating throughout the building.  Signage will be posted on exterior doors while testing is being conducted.

August 21st

  • Community Hall
  • Cordley Hall
  • Learning Innovation Center
  • Shepard Hall

August 22nd

  • CH2M Hill Alumni Center
  • LaSells Stewart Center
  • University Plaza

August 23rd

  • Crop Science Bldg.
  • Oak Creek Bldg.
  • Western Bldg.

August 24th

  • A.A Red Emmerson Advanced Wood Products Laboratory
  • Hinsdale Wave Research Lab
  • Radiation Center
  • Vet Research Lab

August 25th

  • James E Oldfield Animal Teaching Facility
  • Jefferson Street Building
  • Agricultural & Life Sciences Bldg.

For questions or comments on this notice contact, Facilities Services at 541-737-2969.

Facilities Services will be performing annual load bank testing for the below listed building emergency/ stand-by generators.  Each test will take approximately 3 hours. There may be excessive noise and possible exhaust fume odors associated with testing.  Each generator will be refueled after testing.

Week of June 6th

  • Parking Garage
  • Gill Coliseum
  • Magruder MRI Trailer
  • Radiation Center

Week of June 13th

  • Environmental Health & Safety Annex
  • James E. Oldfield Animal Teaching Facility
  • Crop Science Building
  • Strand Agricultural Hall

Week of June 20th

  • Owen Hall
  • Vacuum Vault
  • Goss Stadium
  • Salmon Disease Lab #2

Week of June 27th

  • Portable Generator #1
  • Portable Generator #2
  • Portable Generator #5

For questions or comments on this notice contact, Facilities Services at 541-737-2969.

As part of the Radiation Center Mechanical Upgrade Project, there will be a closure of parking lot #3331 near the loading dock of the Radiation Center and the driveway at SW Jefferson Way. The closure is scheduled for Wednesday, July 8, 2020 from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

For questions or comments on this closure, contact Construction Manager Jason Lundy at 541-270-0193.

Radiation Center parking lot closure area map