As part of typical maintenance done by Pacific Power, there will be short duration impacts to the path of travel in various locations on campus on 7/31 through 8/2. The locations include:

  • Southwest corner of SW 30th Street and SW Campus Way
  • Southwest corner of SW 26th Street and SWCampus Way
  • On the east side of SW 35th Street, just north of SW Jefferson Way
  • Parking Garage Access and May Way Loading Zone – operations will be flagged
  • Multi-use path west of SW 26th Street, on the south side of SW Washington Way

There will be impacts to the access of the Parking Garage and May Way loading zone, as well as minor sidewalk access impacts.

For questions or comments on this closure, contact Project Manager Aaron Amoth at 541-207-5084. 

SW 30th St and SW Campus Way

Vault location at SW 30th and SW Campus Way

East side of SW 35th Street

Vault location at SW 35th and SW Jefferson Way

Parking Garage Access and May Way loading zone and multi-use path west of SW 26th street

SW corner of SW 26th Street and SW Campus Way

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