As part of the LaSells Stewart Center Mechanical & Roof Renewal project, there will be short, intermittent delays for vehicles traveling on SW 26th St. near The LaSells Stewart Center on Wednesday, October 11 from 7 A.M. to 12 P.M. A forklift will be unloading materials and crossing the path of travel for brief intervals. Both lanes of 26th Street will remain open during this activity. Flaggers will be present to direct traffic around the area. Drivers may be signaled to stop while the forklift is crossing 26th St., but the activity is not expected to create major delays.

In addition, the east sidewalk on 26th St. will be closed from Western Blvd. to The LaSells Stewart Center. The crosswalk at the entrance to The LaSells Stewart Center will also be closed during this activity. The west sidewalk will remain open for pedestrians.

The map shows a section of SW 26th St. between SW Western Blvd. and The LaSells Stewart Center. The east sidewalk is marked as closed between Western Blvd. and The LaSells Stewart Center. The location of a truck and a forklift is also noted as well as locations for flaggers.

For questions or comments on this closure, contact Construction Manager Justin Fuszek at (541) 740-5260.