This is an update to a previous notification.

The NW Natural Gas service switchover originally scheduled for Wednesday, April 24 has been rescheduled for Friday, April 26.

NW Natural Gas will be performing a natural gas service switchover in areas along Washington Way between SW 35th St and SW 30th St. The A.A Red Emmerson Advanced Wood Products Laboratory will be without natural gas service for the entire day. The switch over requires draining the line, which creates a very loud noise (similar to a jet engine) as pressure is released. There will also be a natural gas odor at this time which will naturally dissipate into the atmosphere. This is standard operating procedure for a natural gas switch over.

For questions or comments on this closure, please contact Construction Manager Derek Bennet at (541) 609-6111.

This is an update on the Jen-Hsun Huang and Lori Mills Huang Collaborative Innovation Complex project.

The project site is located between Johnson Hall and NW Monroe Avenue and is bordered by SW 26th St. on the west and SW Memorial Place on the east.

Construction activity in the area will significantly increase starting Monday, April 29. Occupants of neighboring buildings and those traveling through the area should expect an increase in truck traffic and other activity, including an increase in construction-related noise.

A map of the Jen-Hsun Huang & Lori Mills Huang Collaborative Innovation Complex construction site.

For questions or comments on this closure, contact Construction Manager Jason Lundy at (541) 270-0193.