Please note: this will NOT be a continuous closure. Expect to see multiple, short-term closures, with the area being reopened for use in between. These short-term closures will be ongoing through June 8.

As part of the Kelley District Utility Plant project, intermittent closures will occur on Campus Way between 26th St. and Memorial Place, starting Monday April 22 through Saturday, June 8. The closures are necessary to allow for crane activity related to the project.

The Kelley Engineering Center south entrance will also be closed.

The north sidewalk and both bicycle lanes in this section of Campus Way will be closed intermittently during this time period. The south sidewalk will remain open for pedestrians. A bicycle detour will be provided.

The map shows a road and sidewalk closure on SW Campus Way between SW 26th St. and SW Memorial Place. The south entrance to Kelley Engineering Center is marked as closed. The north sidewalk is marked as closed. The south sidewalk is marked as open for pedestrians.
The map shows a bicycle detour along 26th St. to the walkway on the south side of Milam Hall to Memorial Place.

For questions or comments on this closure, contact Construction Manager Justin Fuszek at (541) 740-5260.

As part of the Jen-Hsun Huang & Lori Mills Huang Collaborative Innovation Complex project, Kelley Engineering Center will be closed to allow for a planned power outage on Tuesday, April 23 from 4:00 – 8:00 A.M. The outage is necessary to establish temporary electrical service for construction at the Huang Collaborative Innovation Complex site.

What do you need to do to prepare for this outage? 
Please make sure that all computers, printers, copiers and other electronic devices are turned off prior to Tuesday, April 23. If you have an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), also known as a battery back-up, please be sure to turn it off as well. 

For questions or comments on this closure, contact Construction Manager Jason Lundy at (541) 270-0193.