Beginning next Wednesday, parking lots across campus will be temporarily closed for leaf clean-up and lost sweeping. The closures will occur between Wednesday, December 20 through Friday and December 22. Each lot will be reopened as the work is completed. Please contact Transportation Services at (541) 737-2583 if you require assistance with alternate parking arrangements. 

Wednesday, December 20 

3222A2-Weniger Hall East
3221A2-Monroe Ave & 16th
3296B2-16th St & A Ave
3282A3-Gill Coliseum West Lot
3284B2-Valley Football Lot
3210A3-Jefferson Way/14th St lot
3205R-Adams Ave Northeast lot
3209R-Washington Ave Southeast Lot
3227R-Washington Ave, 11th St Lot

Thursday, December 21 

3313Bates Hall North Lot
3271Cascade Hall South Lot
3278Sports Complex East Lot
3279University Plaza South Lot
3280May Way Lot
322316th West Lot
3213Madson Ave Co-op Lot
3286Sports Complex West Lot
3303Sackett Hall North Lot
3310Women’s Building West Lot
3242Community Hall South Lot
3243Community Hall West Lot

Friday, December 22 

0025 Parking Garage

For questions or comments on this closure, contact Kristie Liddle at (541) 737-9618. 

This is an update on the Washington Way Improvement Project.  

Please note that multiple projects will be starting and ending in the area over the next few weeks and months. See below for details.

Washington Way Closed Between 26th – 30th St. Starting Dec. 18

Washington Way between 26th and 30th St. will be closed for construction starting on Monday, December 18 and continuing through the winter and spring 2024 terms.

The map shows a road and sidewalk closure on SW Washington Way between SW 26th and SW 30th St.

Washington Way 17th – 26th St. Reopening Jan. 5

Construction activity between 17th and 26th St. will be finishing up over the next few weeks, depending on the weather. This section of Washington Way is expected to reopen by Friday, January 5. The two-way cycle track will also be opening and a separate Campus Notification will follow regarding the traffic pattern change in the area.

Washington Way & 26th Street Construction During Winter Break

During the period between December 18 and January 5, Washington Way will be closed all the way from 17th to 30th St. The north sidewalk will be closed. The multi-use path on the south side of Washington Way will be open for pedestrians.

In addition, the intersection at 26th St. and Washington Way will be closed from December 18 through December 29. The intersection will be closed in ALL DIRECTIONS. This is a significant change to the notification sent on 12/14 regarding this closure. The sidewalks will be closed on both sides of 26th Street from Washington Way to Dixon Recreation Center.

For questions or comments on these closures, contact Construction Manager Derek Bennett at (541) 609-6111.

As part of work for the Memorial Union Roof and Gutter Renewal project, SW Jefferson Way between SW 26th Street and SW Benton Place will be closed to vehicle traffic starting Monday, December 18 through Friday, December 22 daily from 6:00 AM – 4:00 PM. In addition, the sidewalk on the north side of SW Jefferson Way, directly south of the Memorial Union will be closed. Pedestrians will be diverted to the sidewalk on the south side of SW Jefferson Way.

Map to learn how to navigate Jefferson Way closure

For questions or comments on this closure, contact Construction Manager Trevor Richie.