This courtesy notice is being sent to Oregon State University stakeholders to inform you that the Oregon Department of Transportation has put a new load restriction in place at the bridge crossing Oak Creek on SW Western Boulevard, located between SW 26th Street and SW Grove Street in Corvallis. The Oak Creek bridge, bridge no. 07T24, is a 43-foot-long single span, reinforced concrete bridge. It was originally constructed in 1925 and widened in 1941.

Weight restriction signage has been posted at both approaches along SW Western Boulevard at SW Grove Street and at SW 26th Street.

The weight restrictions are:

  • 4 axle – 23 Tons
  • 5 axle – 25 Tons
  • 6-7 axle – 25 Tons

Please contact Som Sartnurak, the Engineering Supervisor/Traffic Engineer for the city of Corvallis, at if you need help identifying alternate routes.

Oak Creek bridge along SW Western Boulevard area map