2012 University Club Foundation Graduate Fellowship

Deadline for nominations:  April 13, 2012 – 5PM

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the 2012 University Club Foundation Graduate Fellowship Program to recognize and encourage scholarship, demonstrated leadership, and potential societal contributions by students pursuing graduate education in Oregon. The annual graduate fellowship valued at $5,000 will be awarded to successful nominees from Oregon State University, Portland State University, University of Oregon, and Willamette University.

Nominees must be full-time graduate students in Fall 2012 in a program leading to an advanced degree. Nominees must have at least one more academic year remaining before completion of their graduate studies. The award may be used at the discretion of the recipient to cover tuition or expenses. Nominees must show evidence of academic accomplishment and leadership qualities, as well as current and potential contributions to the community and society.  Nominees should enjoy the high regard and respect of their supervising faculty.  Immediate relatives of members and staff of the University Club are not eligible as candidates.

Please refer to the announcement on the Graduate School website for eligibility and procedural requirements: http://oregonstate.edu/dept/grad_school/universityclub.php.

Departments and/or graduate programs may submit only one nomination, which must be received by the Graduate School by Friday, April 13, 2011.


David Gilley from Micromeritics will be here for training on the newly installed ASAP2020 on 4/4, 4/5.

The plan now is to begin training for physisorption method on 4/4 at 10 AM. It will likely go on most of the day. Chemisorption mode training will follow, for those interested, probably continuing on 4/5.

The instrument and training are in LPSC 262.

Please let me know if you (or someone from your group) plans to attend all or part, so I can get an approximate headcount.

Also, feel free to distribute this to your group, colleagues, relevant mail lists of those potentially interested in porosimetry.


Position Title: Lecturer

Req # 01226

The Department of Chemistry at the University of Chicago invites applications for a non-tenure track appointment from outstanding individuals for the position of Lecturer that will carry responsibility for directing a program in collaborative teaching and for teaching of general chemistry courses. The position is to begin July 1, 2012, or later. Applicants must have a PhD in Chemistry and must have teaching experience at a university or college. The length of the initial term may be for up to 3 years depending on the availability of funding. Experience teaching General Chemistry is required, and experience in collaborative teaching techniques is important.

Applicants must apply on line to the University of Chicago Academic Careers website at http://tinyurl.com/87vumd3. Applicants must upload a curriculum vitae and a one page teaching statement. In addition, three reference letters will be required. Arrange to have the three reference letters sent to Richard F. Jordan, Chairman, Department of Chemistry by email to chem-chair@uchicago.edu. Screening of applications will continue until position is filled.

The University of Chicago is an Affirmative Action / Equal Opportunity Employer.



Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Grand Challenges Explorations, Round 9

Gates Foundation Deadline: May 15, 2012

Funding: Up to $100,000

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is now accepting grant proposals for Grand Challenges Explorations, Round 9 an initiative to encourage bold and innovative research on new global health solutions.

Please see the attached funding opportunity announcement.

If you have questions, contact Martha Coleman, Director of Foundation Relations at OSU Foundation by phone at 541-737-6961 or via email at Martha.coleman@oregonstate.edu.


Despite their protected status, national parks are not immune from the effects of modern life. Pollution in the form of pesticides, PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ether flame retardants) and PAHs (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons released by forest fires and fossil fuel combustion) show up in parks across the country. In the West, Staci Simonich, professor in the Oregon State University College of Agricultural Sciences, has been tracking sources of such contamination in high-elevation parks such as Sequoia in the Sierras, Washington’s Olympic and Denali in Alaska.

At the April 9 Corvallis Science Pub, Simonich, an environmental chemist, will discuss her research on regional and international sources of pollution in the western United States. Using facilities in Oregon and other western states to track air movement, she and her colleagues have correlated the results of air and soil sampling in parks with events such as forest fires and pesticide use. She will discuss the factors that influence pollutant transport to and distribution in soils, plants and animals.

Simonich received her Ph.D. in 1995 from Indiana University and, as a professor in Environmental and Molecular Toxicology and Department of Chemistry, leads a research team to understand how people in the United States and China are exposed to PAHs through OSU’s NIH funded Superfund Research Center


NSF – Scalable Nanomanufacturing (SNM) 2012 program

The Incentive Funds Program in the Research Office is requesting Letters of Intent for the National Science Foundation – Scalable Nanomanufacturing (SNM) program.

Limit Summary: An academic institution may submit no more than one proposal on which it is the lead organization in response to this solicitation.

NSF announces a second year of a program on collaborative research and education in the area of scalable nanomanufacturing, including the long-term societal implications of the large-scale implementation of nanomanufacturing innovations. This program is in response to and is a component of the National Nanotechnology Initiative Signature Initiative: Sustainable Nanomanufacturing – Creating the Industries of the Future. Although many nanofabrication techniques have demonstrated the ability to produce relatively small quantities of nanomaterials and devices, the emphasis of this program is research that supports the identification and demonstration of nanomanufacturing processes with high potential to scale to economically and industrially relevant production levels.

Guidance for letters of intent to the Research Office: http://oregonstate.edu/research/incentive/scalable-nanomanufacturing-snm-2010

Complete NSF – SNM guidelines: http://www.nsf.gov/pubs/2012/nsf12544/nsf12544.htm

Letter of Intent submission deadline to the Research Office is Monday, April 23, 2012 and should be sent electronically as a PDF document to debbie.delmore@oregonstate.edu. For more information contact Debbie Delmore at (541) 737-8390.


Good Day:

I’m writing regarding several new initiatives relating to Undergraduate Research at OSU.  They relate to three topics described below.  I hope you can help me by getting word of these initiatives into the hands of faculty and students in your college/department, as appropriate.

1.  Beginning with graduation in spring, 2012, OSU will provide to students the opportunity to get transcript notation documenting significant research/creative efforts at OSU.  The attached documents include information for students (“Transcript Notations Notes for Students”), faculty (“Transcript Notation Information for Faculty”), and an application to be filled out by students to obtain the notation (“Research Arts Fellow Application”).

2.  We seek nominations for an Undergraduate Research Mentor of the Year (“Faculty Mentor of the Year Award”) to recognize a faculty member who has, through his/her continued mentorship, led numerous undergraduate students to success in their creative/research efforts.

3.  We are recruiting talented undergraduate students with experience in research/creative enterprises to apply to serve as Ambassadors of Undergraduate Research (“Ambassador Program info and Application”) for the 2012-13 school year.

Please let me know if you have questions regarding any of these materials or topics.  I would be happy to speak to you and/or your colleagues regarding these matters.  Thanks for your help in getting the word out and for supporting undergraduate research in all disciplines at OSU.

Kevin Ahern

Ambassador Program Info and Application

Faculty Mentor of the Year Award

Research Arts Fellow Application

Transcript Notation Notes for Students

Hello, all. I am the dean of Chemeketa’s new Yamhill Valley Campus in McMinnville …

We are a full-service campus, going for accreditation spring term, and in the process of fleshing out our general education and transfer studies program. One of the facilities we’ve added, much to my delight, is a chemistry lab. This next year (AY2012-13) we are planning to offer the Chemistry for Allied Health series (CH104/5/6), the Foundations of General, Organic, and Biochemistry course (CH110), and the General

Science: Chemistry course (GS105). My immediate challenge is to find part-time instructors to teach these courses. If you have instructors, who you would personally recommend, and who are looking for more work – would you please have them contact me? My sincere thanks for any assistance.

John Plett


Chemeketa Community College

Yamhill Valley Campus Dean

phone: 503-316-3276

fax: 503-399-5175



Hello Everyone,

I have scheduled additional training sessions for the following dates; –

  • Tuesday, March 27th from 10:00 – 11:30 AM (still room for a few)
  • Tuesday, April 10th from 1:30 – 3:00 PM
  • Wednesday, April 25th from 10:00 – 11:30 AM

All sessions will be held in RH 203 which is supplied with computers to make it an interactive training session.  Please share the information with your faculty and have them contact me if they are interested (as space is limited).

The research office has also been offering training sessions which have been posted in OSU Today.


Thank you,



Liz Etherington

Sponsored Research Program Administration, CAS

Office: 541-737-3429

Cell: 541-740-0002