New Student Programs & Family Outreach is collaborating with our campus partners to welcome new students at START – OSU’s summer advising, registration and orientation program. Students attend START to meet with an academic advisor, register for fall term classes, attend workshops on a variety of topics, meet current students and staff, and learn about campus resources. This summer orientation program aids in the transition process of OSU’s new students. A parent/family orientation program runs concurrently.

Please note that START dates this year are as follows:

  • Monday, June 25 – Tuesday, June 26 – First-year START
  • Thursday, June 28 – Friday, June 29   – First-year START
  • Monday, July 2 – Transfer START
  • Sunday, July 8 – Monday, July 9 – First-year START
  • Wednesday, July 11 – Transfer START
  • Thursday, July 12-Friday, July 13 – First-year START
  • Monday, July 16 – Friday, July 17- First-Year START
  • Thursday, July 19- Friday, July 20 – First- Year START
  • Sunday, July 22-Monday, July 23 – First-year START
  • Wednesday, July 25 – Transfer START
  • Thursday, July 26 – Friday, July 27 – First-year START
  • Monday, August 27-Tuesday, August 28 – First-year START
  • Wednesday , August 29 – Transfer START

You will notice an increased amount of people on campus during these days and traffic to your department/office could increase. Usually our 2-day orientation program for first-year students involves about 800 participants (students and their family members). Our 1-day transfer sessions see about 375 participants.

Student unable to participate in START will be invited to attend new student orientation in September.

If you would like more information about OSU’s new student programming and/or START, please visit our web site: . We are always looking for campus-wide participation in our programs. If you would like to be involved in any aspect please contact me.

Thank you in advance for your help in creating a welcoming environment for our new students.


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