Jackson Wiley is one of our Undergraduates of the Quarter in for Spring 2019 and we couldn’t be prouder. Jackson grew up in Medford in Southern Oregon, attending North Medford High School. It was during his Junior year there that he took AP Chemistry and found a new passion. His teacher instilled an enthusiasm in his class and, coupled with his skill in Math, it set the course for his college career.

While originally he wanted to explore a number of interesting and far away campuses, when he stopped by OSU for a visit he immediately fell in love. He had heard about the amazing research the university is well known for and knew this was the place he wanted to be.

It was those opportunities that he first heard about during his Freshman year that got him into Staci Simonich’s research group. When he’d learned about undergraduate research opportunities, he began exploring the listings to find something that caught his interest.

Staci’s group was working in environmental chemistry and toxicology, topics which Jackson was very interested in. After contacting Staci, they exchanged a few more emails and he was welcomed into the research group.

After graduation, Jackson knew he wanted to get into grad school. While he finalizes his plans, he is currently looking into a handful of schools to pursue Astrochemistry. This field is the crossroads of Astronomy and Chemistry, studying the effects of chemicals and materials in extraterrestrial environments. As the field often deals with poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, the very chemicals he’s currently studying in his research group, it seemed like an excellent fit. We hope it continues to fuel his passion in chemistry!

When not at school, he follows his native Oregonian roots and enjoys exploring and hiking through nature. He’s also found of video games, fitting in some time between study sessions and school work. His favorite book is 2001: A Space Odyssey, and his favorite food is sushi. Yum!

We wish all the best to Jackson from OSU to beyond!

Lindsay Unitan - Undergraduate of the Quarter Profile Photo, Spring 2019.

Linus Yunitan has been named one the Undergraduates of the Quarter for Spring 2019.

From Portland, Oregon and an alumna of Lincoln High School, Linus had taken IB examinations that gave him the option to either take honors general chemistry or go straight into organic chemistry his first term at Oregon State. Although he decided to pursue the organic chemistry course, he became interested in Dr. Remcho’s work after reading through various group papers. After going to his office hours and expressing his interest, Dr. Remcho invited him to come observe a group meeting. Linus is now working with Dr. Remcho to develop microfluidic devices for medical diagnostics.

Linus explained he loves chemistry because to him, chemistry felt like the “Goldilocks of the sciences.” He described how chemistry had the best of both worlds, with the rich physical application of biology and logical mathematical structure of physics.

In addition to classes and his work in research, Linus worked as a peer advisor for the College of Science over the summer and is a member of the unicycle club. He also was a member of his high school marching band but after graduation, was not certain continuing would be an option in college. While touring Oregon State and first seeing Reser Stadium, he could not resist joining the band. For Linus, marching band became a major factor in his decision to attend Oregon State. Since then, he has earned a role as the drum major.

We are delighted to name Linus an Undergraduate of the Quarter for Spring 2019. After graduation, Linus hopes to attend medical school and work as a physician in Oregon. We wish him the best in his future endeavors and are excited to see what he accomplishes.

Tanner Aldous - Undergraduate of the Quarter (Fall 2018) Profile Photo

Tanner Aldous has been named one of the Fall 2018 Undergraduates of the Quarter, and we couldn’t be more pleased.  Tanner grew up in Drain, Oregon, where his North Douglas High School graduating class was no larger than twenty students. Relative to Drain, Corvallis was a big move for Tanner. He was happy that Oregon State University was in a bigger town, but still felt small like his home town.

Tanner wanted to pursue chemistry because of the great influence from his high school chemistry teacher, and because he knew he wanted to stay in Oregon for college, OSU was the school of choice. Oregon State University seemed to choose Tanner, rather than the other way around. The campus in the fall with the leaves changing colors, was something that the other Oregon institutions couldn’t compare to.

An interest in the medical field combined with a passion for chemistry made it so Tanner’s major choice was pretty simple: Chemistry with a Premed option. Once graduated, Tanner plans to go to medical school.

Currently, Tanner is working in Dr. Burrow’s lab. He got started in this lab by asking professors if they had any openings in their lab, because he wanted to see if research was something he would be interested in. Now, Tanner is working with nanoparticles, specifically nanostars. He aids a graduate student, Lixia, by making nanostars from nanoseeds. He also performs data collection and analysis for this project.

Outside of school, Tanner likes to hang out with friends, and get to know new people, especially if they are also chemistry students. He finds collaboration on school work to help transition into friendships. He is also a part of the professional chemistry fraternity Alpha Chi Sigma. The fraternity is fairly small right now, but Tanner hopes to see it grow by the end of his time at Oregon State.

Yitong Qi - Undergraduate of the Quarter (Fall 2018) Profile Photo

Yitong Qi has been named undergraduate of the quarter for fall term 2018, and we are so pleased.

Yitong grew up in Xi’an, the capital city of the Saanxi Province in China. He then moved to Salem where he attended Sprague High School.

An initial interest in sustainable energy and materials drove Yitong to pursue Chemical Engineering in his undergraduate work. He discovered that engineering was less about the materials than the process, and decided to switch to Chemistry to work first hand with the chemicals. He found research interest after joining Dr. Ji’s lab, where he works with graduate students and post docs on projects related to battery materials. Projects in the lab involve making and applying carbon materials to battery use and the chemistry behind them.

In his spare time, Yitong enjoys watching movies, hearing stories, and eating guacamole.

After graduating from Oregon State University, Yitong plans to attend graduate school.

Students like Yitong are just some of the reasons were so proud of our Undergraduate Majors.  We wish him great success in his future endeavors.

Eric Qian has been named one of the Spring 2018 Undergraduates of the Quarter and we couldn’t be happier for him.

Eric has been living in Corvallis since he was 4 years old and his love of the town helped contribute to his choice to stay local for college. He went to Crescent Valley High School, a school he enjoyed due to the passion the teachers had as well as the school’s dedication to the arts which helped him develop an interest in creating jewelry.

When entering college, Eric’s original plan was to be a premed student. He quickly discovered a love of materials science and decided he would focus on chemistry instead of becoming a doctor.

It was through joining Dr. Michelle Dolgos’ lab that he realized how much he enjoyed the chemistry side of his research, focusing on finding new and optimized ways to generate electricity.

Eric recently graduated, but took a short break from research to write his honors thesis, which focuses on the study of Aurivillius phases. His main focus was on ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties and trying to find a new material that is as effective as Lead Zirconium Titanate (PZT) yet wasn’t toxic or lead-based. Eric believes that the material chemistries’ focus towards environmentally friendly and green materials is very noble and focused most of his time there.

Eric plans to take a year off before Graduate School to relax. His main hopes are to get back into playing music because he is a musician at heart, being able to play piano, clarinet, tenor sax, and the organ. He also has an extensive list of nonfiction books he has been meaning to work his way through, including Stuff Matters, a book on materials that shaped human history.

The highest ambitions in Eric’s educational career is to gain a PhD and become a professor himself because of his love of teaching and conducting research. He believes it would be very fun to have a research group of his own in order to pass down his insights and spark the interests of future generations.

Jason Srey has been named one of the Spring 2018 Undergraduates of the Quarter, and we couldn’t be more pleased.

Jason was born in Chicago, Illinois, but spent most of his life in Clackamas. He attended Clackamas High School.

Jason chose chemistry because he wanted to learn more about how atoms and molecules react. His curiosity was piqued when his 7th grade science teacher made a gummy bear explode in a test tube. Jason was also often sick throughout his childhood and spent a lot of time in doctor’s offices and pharmacies. This exposure to the world of medicine along with the introduction to chemistry during 7th grade science class first attracted him to chemistry.

He wants to be in the medical field because of how large of a role it played in his childhood and because it is related to his favorite subject. He researched the world of pharmacy and decided that was where he wanted to go in life, and is using chemistry as a basis for achieving that goal. Jason currently performs research for Dr. Sandra Loesgen, and focuses on discovering new antibiotics or anti-cancer compounds by feeding synthetic compounds to fungal cultures as precursors. He has been there since mid fall term, and credits his introduction to research to Dr. Neal Sleszynski who helped him initially contact three professors who are doing work in areas of interest.

In his spare time Jason likes to listen to, and perform music. He has practiced the violin for five years and taught himself to play the piano through online tutorials in his spare time. He likes all genres of music besides classical, and his favorite movie is Titanic.

Molly Austin has been named one of the Winter 2018 Undergraduates of the Quarter and we couldn’t be happier for her.

Molly was born in Iowa City, Iowa and moved to Oregon when she was 11 years old. She went to Lake Oswego High School and inherited her love of chemistry from her parents.

Molly enjoys the fundamental nature of chemistry and its ability to explain essential functions of other science disciplines. Molly always knew she wanted to be a chemistry major at Oregon State University, choosing the location to be near family and for the beauty that Oregon possesses.

Her freshman year, Molly applied for the URSA Grant which allowed her to interview for various research positions. She chose to work in Dr. Sandra Loesgen’s lab. Molly’s research involves natural product discovery, where she works on bacterial strains from the mucus of juvenile Pacific fish. Extracted metabolites are isolated, identified, and tested against pathogens, such as MRSA, and cancer cell lines.

Post-graduation, Molly plans to go medical school or physician’s assistant school.

In her spare time, she likes to play volleyball, do ceramics, and participate in the EPIC campus ministry and leadership.

Her favorite TV show is Avatar: The Last Airbender, and favorite her food is chocolate.

Students like Molly Austin are a huge part of what makes our department so great. We wish her well in all her future endeavors.

Jonathan Lopez Arana has been named the winter 2018 Undergraduate of the Quarter and we couldn’t be happier for him. Jonathan was born and raised in Hillsboro Oregon, where he went to Hillsboro High School, and enjoyed the chemistry learned in his physics classes.

When Jonathan first applied to OSU he originally decided on engineering because of the quality the OSU College of Engineering. He switched to Chemistry after enjoying a class taken from Margie Haak. He has since served as a TA for Paula Weiss.

Post-graduation Jonathan plans to teach for multiple years, but eventually go back to school to get into educational administration and become a principal. Jonathan is planning on getting an ESOL endorsement so he can teach nonEnglish students, and plans to teach wherever he is most needed, but would prefer to stay in Oregon if possible. In his spare time Jonathan likes to play sports at Dixon and is part of an intermural sports flag football and basketball team. He also enjoys going to elementary schools and helping with the science and engineering nights that Margie Haak leads.

Jonathan’s favorite movie is Boys in the Hood, and his favorite food is a quesadilla because it’s quick and simple. He also loves his mother’s tamales.

Jonathan’s being the first person in his family to go to college, and planning to become a principal in order to help children, are examples of what makes our department so great. We wish him well in the future and in whatever path he chooses to follow.

Savinda Aponso has been named one the Spring 2017 Undergraduate of the Quarter and we couldn’t be happier for him. Although he plans to graduate at the end of this year, he has spent most of his life in Corvallis and has been associated with Oregon State before he even decided where he wanted to go to college.

While Savinda was in high school he was part of ASE, the Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering, which during his junior year helped him get his first experience in a lab. He was selected to work in Dr. Subramanian’s lab. Along with the scholarships, he got to the school, his experiences in the lab helped him decide that OSU was his school of choice.

During his freshman year, he started working in Dr. Koley’s lab. His work focuses on sensors that detects bacterial metabolites and the interactions bacteria have with dental composites. He was trying to see how the smart dental composites react to changes in the local pH environment and how they work to prevent secondary cavities.

After he graduates at the end of this term, he is planning to apply to medical school and take a year off from school. During his year off he is hoping to finish his research projects for Dr. Koley and continue to be a researcher at least part-time. Savinda doesn’t know exactly what he wants to study to medical school, but he is interested in hematology.

Savinda’s favorite film is Monty Python and the Holy Grail. He loves to eat sushi since it is his favorite food. His ideal vacation would be traveling through Europe. His favorite class was the Experimental 460 labs that he worked with Dr. Pastorek.

Students like Savinda are a huge part of what makes our Department so great. We wish him well in the future, and cannot wait to see what his next big adventure is.

Matt Clark has been awarded with the title of Spring 2017 Undergraduate of the Quarter and we couldn’t be happier for him. Although he plans to graduate by the end of this term, his experiences at Oregon State have left a lasting impact on him.

During Matt’s undergraduate career at Oregon State, he has been a part of an integrative lab which has helped him define his career path. After joining Michelle Dolgos’s lab during his sophomore year, he has been immersing himself with research dealing with lead free piezoelectric materials. After winning the URISC grant for his summer research and working with graduate students and Michelle, he is finally at the end of his project and is looking forward to a publication about his work.

However, even though it seems like he was destined to pursue Chemistry, that wasn’t always the case for Matt. When he first came to OSU, he was majoring in Mechanical Engineering because he liked to build and be hands-on with his work. All of that changed once he started to become fascinated with Chemistry and soon he switched his major to Chemistry with a Materials option.

Being a part of an integrated lab has helped Matt to gain a deeper understanding of concepts and he recommends other undergraduates to become a part of an integrated lab because it really increases the proficiency and understanding of the course. Some of Matt’s favorite courses were the graduate courses, CH 513 and CH 616, he was able to take because he enjoyed the applied concepts and also really enjoyed both the instructors, Dr. Subramanian and Dr. Dolgos.

After he graduates, he is planning on pursuing one of the opportunities that have been offered to him in hopes of continuing to apply his knowledge in his field of work. He has been offered opportunities from all over the country such as California & Virginia just to name a few. He is excited to get into the industry and hopes to continue his path in working on leading us to a better world.

When Matt’s not working long hours at the lab, he likes to unwind by watching one of his favorite classic movies, Star Wars: New Hope. He enjoys watching the movie multiple times and fondly remembers the times when he watched it on VHS tapes.

Students like Matt Clark are a major part of what makes our Department so great! We wish him well for all of his future endeavors and cannot wait to hear about all of his accomplishments.