The Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching (GCCUT) program is now accepting applications for admission to our program!

Below are a few FAQs about GCCUT and you may follow up with personal questions via email or at one of our in-person informational meetings.

GCCUT Informational Meetings
·         Monday, February 20, 12:00-1:00pm, Milam 215
·         Monday, March 13, 9:00-10:00am,  Milam 215

What is GCCUT?
GCCUT is an 18-credit graduate certificate designed to provide advanced course work and experiential learning opportunities to students who plan to pursue careers in teaching in higher education settings, or who plan to pursue careers in other fields that may require similar facilitation skills. Students completing the Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching will receive a formal, transcript-visible credential.

What are the benefits of the GCCUT program?
To be clear, the GCCUT is not an official license or certification to practice teaching in higher education, as no such licensure exists for post-secondary education. Rather, the GCCUT is a graduate certificate, which can be thought of as an 18-credit university credential. While not required to teach in higher education, GCCUT provides transcript-visible evidence that you have studied and invested in your teaching in an official academic capacity. Current graduate students indicate that GCCUT coursework has assisted them greatly in their GTA positions, with conference presentations, and in outreach and engagement activities. Graduates of our program have indicated that learning associated with their enrollment in the program has been influential in them securing future employment. Read a few of their stories here.

Who can apply?
The Graduate Certificate in College and University Teaching may be done in conjunction with a concurrent graduate degree or on its own as a standalone (without an accompanying graduate degree) certificate. Current OSU graduate students, prospective OSU graduate students, and those who intend to complete the certificate as a standalone experience are eligible to apply.

Where are courses offered?
The GCCUT exists as both a site-based (i.e., at the OSU campus in Corvallis) and online program (i.e., via OSU Ecampus). While aligned in terms of content and coursework, these two programs are separate entities, and students are committed to completing the program and all of its coursework in the version (site-based or online) to which they applied and were admitted.
If you are a current or incoming OSU graduate student at the Corvallis campus pursuing a concurrent degree or if you reside near the Corvallis campus and are able to complete all of your coursework/attend classes in Corvallis, you are encouraged to apply for the site-based version of the certificate. Applications for the site-based version of the program are available now by clicking here. Admitted students begin with other members of their cohort in September each year.

If you reside in a location where completing all of your coursework/attending classes in Corvallis is impractical, not feasible, or simply not preferred (this includes, perhaps, current or incoming OSU graduate students at campuses beyond Corvallis), you are encouraged to apply for the online version of the certificate. Applications for the online version of the certificate are available now by clicking here considered on a rolling basis and students may start during fall, winter, or spring terms, depending on their time frame and coursework availability.

How long will the certificate take?
The program is designed to be completed in 1-2 years. The certificate requires 18 credits, which can be a significant time commitment in conjunction with a concurrent degree, employment, and/or other responsibilities. Applicants should be prepared to dedicate the appropriate amount of time and effort toward the certificate and consult with major advisors and employers in advance as needed.

What will GCCUT cost me?
If you are already an OSU graduate student on a tuition remission (GTA or GRA) or fellowship, you typically will not have to pay out of pocket for credits, although you will want to confirm this with the unit that funds you. Self-funded students pay at the rates specified by OSU or Ecampus. OSU employees and staff may use Staff Fee Privileges for site-based courses.

The priority deadline for the Master’s Internship Program is February 15th!  Applications will be considered after the deadline if spots remain open.  If you are interested, but have trouble meeting the deadline, feel free to contact me.

What it is:
A master’s program that combines concentrated lab and lecture with a nine-month paid internship in industry. Degrees are awarded in chemistry and applied physics.

Why it’s special:
You can earn a master’s degree and a paycheck.
Historically, close to 98% of our students successfully complete internships and almost 90% of those receive regular job offers at the end of their internships. Internship pay in recent years has ranged from $3000 to $5400 per month.  This program allows you to graduate with experience in your chosen field.

Areas of concentration:
Photovoltaic & Semiconductor Device Processing
Optical Materials & Devices
Polymers & Coatings

If this sounds appealing, check out the website at

Feel free to send questions!

Lynde Ritzow
Director, Recruitment & Marketing
Master’s Industrial Internship Program
University of Oregon

Friday, Feb. 10, 8 a.m.-4 p.m., CH2M Hill Alumni Center, Corvallis campus. The theme is, “How can we use technology to strengthen the learner experience?”. This event will be an exciting and unique opportunity for OSU colleagues across the university to engage on topics surrounding learner success, supporting the student experience, and technology related to advancing these areas of our work. Registration is required and open to members of the OSU community (current faculty, staff, and students). To learn more, visit the event website:

Corvallis Medical Group, a comprehensive pain management group in Corvallis, Oregon is seeking a Clinical Laboratory Technician/Testing Operator for our CLIA-Certified Toxicology Lab. This is a great opportunity to work with a highly professional and personable organization that delivers fantastic care to our patients.

The Laboratory Technician will perform the duties of CLIA-Certified Testing Personnel for the lab, reporting directly to the Lab Supervisor and management. Candidates should have experience with urine drug test screenings, confirmations, and analysis.

Minimum Qualifications:

·         Minimum of bachelor’s degree in Lab Science or related field from an accredited institution

·         Have or are eligible for Oregon certification and meet CLIA qualifications for Testing Personnel of high complexity testing

·         Experience operating Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) machine in a drug-testing facility preferred

Job responsibilities:

·         Urine drug testing analysis and reporting to in-house clinic

·         Independently operating the EIA and LC-MS/MS machines

·         Monitoring, reviewing, and validating EIA and LC-MS/MS data

·         Help maintain all applicable state and federal laboratory licenses and certificates

Compensation depends on experience.

Contact me with any questions or submission/resumes.

Thank you!

Julia Rask
direct: 503-287-2600

Corvallis Medical Group
545 SW 2nd St., Ste. 200
Corvallis, OR 97333

Oregon State Ecampus invites faculty, staff and administrators to pursue professional development related to online and hybrid education. Further your professional goals while promoting effective teaching and learning in OSU’s online and hybrid courses. Funding is available for professorial faculty and professional faculty and advisors. The application deadline is Feb. 7, so learn more and apply online today.