The priority deadline for the Master’s Internship Program is February 15th!  Applications will be considered after the deadline if spots remain open.  If you are interested, but have trouble meeting the deadline, feel free to contact me.

What it is:
A master’s program that combines concentrated lab and lecture with a nine-month paid internship in industry. Degrees are awarded in chemistry and applied physics.

Why it’s special:
You can earn a master’s degree and a paycheck.
Historically, close to 98% of our students successfully complete internships and almost 90% of those receive regular job offers at the end of their internships. Internship pay in recent years has ranged from $3000 to $5400 per month.  This program allows you to graduate with experience in your chosen field.

Areas of concentration:
Photovoltaic & Semiconductor Device Processing
Optical Materials & Devices
Polymers & Coatings

If this sounds appealing, check out the website at

Feel free to send questions!

Lynde Ritzow
Director, Recruitment & Marketing
Master’s Industrial Internship Program
University of Oregon

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