Do you know of any recent or soon-to-be graduates interested in an exciting career in forensic sciences?  If you do, please pass this announcement to them.  The Drug Enforcement Administration’s Office of Forensic Sciences is hiring for Entry Level Forensic Chemists (GS-5/7/9/11).  There are several vacancies in all of the DEA Laboratories and the agency has posted a new vacancy announcement (key words: Forensic Chemist) or click the link above.  If you have any questions about what it takes to be a Forensic Chemist, please feel free to reach out to us at or visit

Thank you for your consideration and we hope you and your loved ones are safe and healthy!

If you want a National Science Foundation grant related to the Covid-19 pandemic, you can apply through existing funding opportunities or use the Rapid Response Research (RAPID) funding mechanism, set up for proposals having a severe urgency with regard to availability of or access to data, facilities or specialized equipment as well as quick-response research on natural or anthropogenic disasters and similar unanticipated events. Requests for RAPID proposals may be for up to $200K and up to one year in duration. Well-justified proposals that exceed these limits may be entertained. All questions should be directed either to a program officer managing an NSF program with which the research would be aligned or to” NSF notes its advanced computing systems: Frontera, Stampede2, Bridges, Comet, and JetStream. Learn more.

OSU faculty and graduate student researchers are invited to join the OSU Advantage office on Thursday, April 23 for an informative webinar that will describe funding and training opportunities that support innovation and entrepreneurship at the federal, state and OSU levels. At this webinar, you will also learn how to apply for a special $5,000 Innovation Award available from the Office for Commercialization and Corporate Development (OCCD). Register here for a Zoom link:

The President’s Commission on the Status of Women provides funding to faculty, students and staff who are pursuing professional development, research, outreach or creative projects related to women’s issues. Scholarships average $300 and are paid by reimbursement. Applications are due Friday, May 1, with notification in Week 7 (May 11). Visit for detailed guidelines, qualification requirements, and application links. Questions? Contact Joy Jorgensen at

U.S. Department of DefenseNow accepting applications for research opportunities! 
Biometric Sensor Development Research Internship
Air Force Research Lab | Wright-Patterson AFB, OH | STIPEND PROVIDEDThe Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), located at Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, is seeking a research participant for the Airman Systems Directorate, 711th Human Performance Wing. The participant will support research to develop a biometric sensor based on measuring and characterizing mitochondrial structure and function as an indicator of Airman health and performance. Specifically, the biometric sensor will detect mitochondria traits to quantitatively inform physiological conditions and predict future performance. VIEW/APPLY ShareTweetShare  

Human Physiological Research Support Training in Diving and Hyperbaric Environments
Navy Experimental Diving Unit | Panama City, FL | STIPEND PROVIDEDThis opportunity takes place at the Navy Experimental Diving Unit (NEDU) in Panama City, Florida.The prospective candidate will support research under Warfighter Human Performance involving basic and applied integrative physiology research. The research primarily involves development of thermophysiological and performance guidance and testing of thermal protection equipment for military operations. VIEW/APPLY ShareTweetShare  

Computer Vision Scientist/Engineer Internship
U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center | Duck, NC | STIPEND PROVIDEDThe prospective postdoctoral intern will conduct applied research in the area of computer vision, image processing and analysis, and data visualization. The overall objectives for this research are to develop new software tools that provide rapid analysis of coastal imagery using feature recognition and structure-from-motion and wave-kinematics inversion algorithms to calculate seamless coastal topo-bathymetric surfaces.  Emphasis will be placed on automation, improving algorithm speed to reduce processing times and increase computational efficiency so that algorithms may be run onboard UAS or on small processors (e.g. mobile apps, toughbooks), as well as constructing an easy to use software interface to process and visualize results. VIEW/APPLY ShareTweetShare  

Chemometrics and Laser Spectroscopy Fellowship
U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center | Hanover, NH | STIPEND PROVIDEDU.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Engineer Research and Development Center (ERDC), Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (CRREL), located in Hanover, New Hampshire, builds innovative products that support the warfighter, water resources, environment, infrastructure and homeland security. CRREL uses a multi-disciplinary research approach that solves the most difficult environmental physics and cold region engineering problems. With recognized international expertise, CRREL fosters partnerships across government agencies, academia and industry to solve complex problems. This opportunity will provide the candidate with the opportunity to participate with hands-on research aligned with candidate’s area of interest and will have the opportunity to assist with the development of the research proposals, peer review publications, and scientific presentations.  VIEW/APPLY ShareTweetShare  

Soil Data Science and Statistics Research
U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center | Vicksburg, MS | STIPEND PROVIDEDA post-doctoral opportunity is currently available in geosciences working with the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Environmental Laboratory, Soil & Sediment Geochemistry Team. The participant will gain experience in a variety of environmental research activities including, but not limited to, environmental field sampling, chemical, mineralogical, and physical characterizations of soil and water, fate and transport of newly emerging organic and inorganic contaminants of concern, proximal soil sensing, geostatistics, geoforensics, and data input and analytics. You will receive mentoring from federal research scientists and assist in meeting research obligations with the opportunity to generate research proposals, publications, and/or technical reports. Some travel for research expeditions and/or meetings and conferences is likely.  VIEW/APPLY ShareTweetShare  

Molecular Microbiology Internship
U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center | Vicksburg, MS | STIPEND PROVIDEDThe candidate selected for this opportunity will participate in multiple projects focused on various aspects of molecular microbiology. Specific projects include expressing/manipulating synthetic pathways in E. coli and alternative non-model microbial hosts for purification and chemical analysis, accessing the fate and transport of genetic material in environmental matrices, and bacterial viability/functionality in 3D printed materials.The participant will acquire additional skills in developing and characterizing living materials composed of 3D-printed bacteria. The participant will gain experience through mentorship by senior lab personnel and principle investigators by participating in generation of publications, technical reports and presentations. Good communication, interpersonal, and writing skills are essential, as well as a willingness to work in a highly multidisciplinary environment. VIEW/APPLY ShareTweetShare  

Computational Chemistry Postdoctoral Researcher
U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center | Vicksburg, MS | STIPEND PROVIDEDUnder the guidance of a mentor, the participant will conduct research utilizing different computational chemistry approaches such as density functional theory, molecular dynamics simulations, and coarse-graining techniques to study structures and interactions of chemicals in complex media. Particular focus will be on evaluating the fate and transport of different chemicals. Research may also focus on studying effects of hydrations, adsorption, transport and diffusion of organic/inorganic species on some modeled surfaces at both the atomistic and coarse-graining level. Under the guidance of a mentor, the participant will engage in preparation of research results to be presented to the broader ERDC community; including, developing these results into publications to inform the broader scientific community through peer-reviewed journals and developing project ideas. VIEW/APPLY ShareTweetShare 


The mission of the Department of Defense (DoD) is to provide the military forces needed to deter war and protect the security of the United States. To support this mission, the DoD is the largest employer of scientists and engineers in the nation. To ensure a continued talent pool, the DoD works hard to grow the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) workforce. The DoD’s Research Participation Programs are managed by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) under an interagency agreement between the DoD and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). With the support of the DOE interagency agreement and management from ORISE, the DoD prepares and strengthens the United States STEM workforce. 

The Office of URSA is excited to announce that registration for OSU’s 2020 Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence (CUE) is now open! 

Please help us encourage participation by forwarding this email to your students! CUE is an annual showcase for OSU undergraduates to present their research and creative projects to the OSU community. Undergraduates from all academic disciplines, in all years of study, and all stages of research or creative work are invited to present.

Due to changes in campus operations, and with respect for our need to remain socially distant,CUE will take the form of a virtual symposium this year. Each presenter will record a 3-minute lightning talk about their work and post it on a central Canvas page where the symposium will be hosted. The Canvas page will be distributed to OSU community members who will be able to view presenters’ recordings, ask questions, and engage in dialogue via the Canvas discussion board function. We hope this event will bring our community closer during this time of social distancing.

  • The deadline for students to register to present at CUE is Friday, May 1st at 5:00 PM.
  • The Canvas page will be made public for viewing on May 21 and 22nd (link to come!).

We appreciate your help forwarding this email to others. Please mark your calendars to join us for this exciting opportunity to celebrate undergraduate excellence at OSU!

Did you know that you can have your OSU Foundation reimbursements direct deposited?  Just complete the attached form (FYI – you can use docusign) and email it to Alec Williamson;

Not on direct deposit with the Foundation:

In regards to OSU Foundation reimbursement checks payable to OSU employees.  For the most part OSU employees have their campus mailing addresses attached to their vendor record in the Foundation’s accounts payable system.  At this time since most people are not at their offices on campus it would be a good idea for OSU employees to update their mailing address to their home address.  So, if an OSU employee is aware that they have a reimbursement in process with the Foundation we would advise them to update their mailing address from their campus office to their home.  To make this change please email Leslie Keaton; ; make sure that “OSU Employee Address Change” is in the subject line.

If anyone has questions or need assistance please contact one of the following:

Alec Williamson    

Leslie Keaton         

Michael Dickason