Did you know that you can have your OSU Foundation reimbursements direct deposited?  Just complete the attached form (FYI – you can use docusign) and email it to Alec Williamson; alec.williamson@osufoundation.org

Not on direct deposit with the Foundation:

In regards to OSU Foundation reimbursement checks payable to OSU employees.  For the most part OSU employees have their campus mailing addresses attached to their vendor record in the Foundation’s accounts payable system.  At this time since most people are not at their offices on campus it would be a good idea for OSU employees to update their mailing address to their home address.  So, if an OSU employee is aware that they have a reimbursement in process with the Foundation we would advise them to update their mailing address from their campus office to their home.  To make this change please email Leslie Keaton;leslie.keaton@osufoundation.org ; make sure that “OSU Employee Address Change” is in the subject line.

If anyone has questions or need assistance please contact one of the following:

Alec Williamson              alec.williamson@osufoundation.org

Leslie Keaton                   leslie.keaton@osufoundation.org

Michael Dickason           michael.dickason@osufoundation.org

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