Thank you for your interest in and registering for the upcoming July 7 OHSU-OSU research collaboration meeting.  As the meeting approaches, we are looking for your help and input in the organization of the day.  The overall schedule remains as previously described.  Event check-in opens at 9:30am.  The meeting runs from 10:00am to 5:00pm, followed by a reception.  Breakfast items, lunch, and snacks and drinks at the reception will be provided.  The event will be held in various rooms at the LaSells Stewart Center.

Below is the preliminary agenda.  A finalized agenda will be sent out closer to the event.

OHSU-OSU Collaborative Meeting II
LOCATION:  LaSells Stewart Center, OSU Corvallis Campus
DATE: Tuesday, July 7, 2015

9:30am                Check-in, coffee and tea
10:00-10:15am  Associate Dean for Research welcome and overview
10:15-12pm        Research collaboration breakout sessions by clusters
12:00-12:30pm  Break to grab lunch and settle in debrief room
12:30-1:45pm    Dean???s Welcome address, lunch and debrief from the breakout sessions
1:45-2:00pm      Overview & logistics of lab and core facilities tour
2:00-4:00pm      Lab and core facilities and walking tour
4:00-5:00pm      Overview of remaining capabilities at OSU and closing discussion
5:00-6:00pm      VP of Research Welcome and Social hour – Reception

Based upon the interests areas we received from you and the OSHU participants during registration, we are recommending that for the 10 am to noon research collaboration breakout sessions, we organize flexible, rotating discussions between OSU and OHSU faculty around six themes.

Within a larger group with common interests in Microfluidics/Fluid Processing/and Materials, we are recommending 3 discussion themes to include:

Within a larger group with common interests in Autonomy, Computing and Informatics, we are recommending 3 discussion themes to include:
Big Data & Analytics
Imaging & Visualization
Robotics & Machine Learning.

We picture that in the 10 am to noon time slot, we will have tables set up for each of the six discussion themes, and an opportunity for participants (both OHSU and OSU) to rotate from table to table about every 30 minutes.

We are looking for your help at this point.  At each theme table we would like to have at least one OSU faculty member who will remain at that table (theme) throughout the time block to serve as moderator and facilitator.  Ideally, we will also have an additional OSU volunteer at each table (a faculty member or graduate student) to serve as scribe.  Over the noon to 1:30 working lunch, the moderator and scribe for each discussion theme will briefly report in to the larger group on the highest priority topics identified for possible OHSU-OSU collaborations, and also on the people from both institutions interested in such joint work.  Attached is the agenda and a list of suggested breakout groups.

If you would like to volunteer to serve as a discussion theme moderator or scribe, please respond to Drea Zigler (, including your preference on theme and moderator/scribe.

Registrations will be accepted through Wednesday July 1st, for the July 7th OHSU-OSU research collaboration event:

Laboratory Assistant, the Department of Chemistry at Oregon State University invites applicants for two full-time Laboratory Assistant positions for the Department of Chemistry at Oregon State University (OSU). The Laboratory Assistant provides support to the Science Laboratory Preparator, the Laboratory Director, the instructors, and the graduate teaching assistants by assisting with routine duties in the undergraduate chemistry teaching labs. The Laboratory Assistant has a responsibility to follow all laboratory safety rules and help to enforce safety rules with the teaching assistants.  To review posting and apply, go to  Posting number 0015251. Closing date is July 10, 2015. OSU is an AA/EOE/Vets/Disabled

A high-level technologist at HP-Corvallis, Peter Klammer, is hoping to partner with OSU and utilize the OSU-HP seed funding (apparently proposals are due July 9).  I thought you might be interested in a collaboration, but we would be grateful if you could forward this project description to colleagues that might be interested in this partnership.

Kind regards,

Phil Harding

Project Scope Summary:

HP would like to identify and test photoluminescent colorants that meet specific requirements for TIJ inks.  These colorants could be dyes, pigments or nanoparticles that are either soluble or dispersable in water.  We are specifically looking for colorants that are excited in the visible region under D50 illumination and emit with high lightness (L*) to produce fluorescent C, M, or Y colors.  Some work on this has already been done within HP. We are looking for a more comprehensive review of the literature, industrial colorant suppliers, and potentially any innovative photo chemistry or physics that will yield colorants with the desired properties.  The result of this work would yield a white paper and selective test results which provides a broad summary of available fluorescent/photoluminescent colorants and an analysis of their applicability for TIJ inks as evaluated against a set of HP requirements.

Congratulations to our Spring 2015 Honor Roll students! Keep up the good work guys.

Benjamin Abram
Amy Albrecht
Amberlie Barnard
Abby Brown
Corinne Brucks
Kathryn Chen
Abigail Chitwood
Tora Cobb
Sergiu Coporan
Lauren Covey
Shannon Davis
Nicholas Diaz-Hui
Andrea Domen
Gillian Downey
Amanda Duong
Brandice Durfee
Blake Erickson
Darlene Focht
Trenton Gallagher
Franklin Giannone
Haily Hargrave
John Hergert
Thomas Ketsdever
Joeun Kim
Reid Kinser
Shan Lansing
Jamy Lee
Taylor Lee-Rouille
Cassandra Lew
Rachel Liu-May
Sarah Lund
Chaira Marzi
Collin Muniz
Chen Xian Ng
Dang Nguyen
Mathew Oldfield
Dakota O’Neil
Michael Osborn
James Palmiter
Lars Paulson
Thu Pham
Ryan Pimentel
Garrett Platt
Joel Pommerenck
Kristin Potter
Collin Raurk
Christofer Saksti
Ashraf Samhan
Jason Sandwisch
Trevor Shear
Kenneth Stout
Mesa Walker
Samuel Walters
Rebecca Westlake
Yan Yu
Tianqi Zhang
Alexander Zuk

Federal agencies with research and development budgets of more than $100 million are now required to develop plans for providing public access to grant-funded data. Many agencies have begun publishing their implementation plans. For info about these plans and related services offered by the library, see the librarywebpage or contact Andrea Wirth, Michael Boock, Amanda Whitmire or Erin Clark at the Valley Library.

Greetings and nearly Summer Solstice Salutations!!

This is you’re your friendly FINAL reminder that today is your last chance this term to turn in your lab coat for laundry service. While we just might do the laundry again in September to start the school year off right please don’t count on it because it may be winter before we actually make it happen again.

So Hurry! Don’t wait, come down to Chemistry Stores and give your lab coat a nice spa weekend! You should have it back by early next week!

Thank you for reading this, you may now return to your regularly scheduled summer festivities!


Mark your calendars, campus is getting busy again.

New Student Programs & Family Outreach is collaborating with our campus partners to welcome new students at START – OSU’s summer advising, registration and orientation program. Students attend START to meet with an academic advisor, register for fall term classes, attend workshops on a variety of topics, meet current students and staff, and learn about campus resources. This summer orientation program aids in the transition process of OSU’s new students. A parent/family orientation program runs concurrently.

Please note that START dates this year are as follows:

·         Monday, June 22- Tuesday, June 23- First-year START
·         Thursday, June 25- Friday, June 26- First-year START
·         Sunday, June 28- Monday, June 29- First-year START*
·         Tuesday, June 30- Transfer START
·         Monday, July 6- Tuesday, July 7- First-year START
·         Thursday, July 9- Friday, July 10- First-year START
·         Monday, July 13- Tuesday, July 14- First-year START
·         Wednesday, July 15- Transfer START
·         Thursday, July 16- Friday, July 17- First- year START
·         Monday, July 20- Tuesday, July 21- First-year START
·         Friday, July 24- Transfer START
·         Monday, August 24- Tuesday, August 25- First-year START
·         Wednesday, August 26- Transfer START
*START Bilingüe program—the parent & family session has an additional track conducted in Spanish for parents & family members who prefer to receive information in Spanish primarily.
You will notice an increased amount of people on campus during these days and traffic to your department/office could increase. Usually our 2-day orientation program for first-year students involves about 700 participants (both students and their family members). Our 1-day transfer sessions see about 350 participants.

If you would like more information about OSU’s new student programming and/or START, please visit our web site:

Thank you in advance for your help in creating a welcoming environment for our new students.


Leslee Mayers | Interim Director

New Student Programs & Family Outreach | Oregon State University
A150 Kerr Administration Building | Corvallis, OR 97321

I would like to share with you the attached Fellowship Position Announcement in the Clinical Chemistry Branch at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This fellowship will provide the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience in human exposure research as well as laboratory medicine using state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and procedures; work in a CLIA regulated environment, and involvement in biomonitoring related public health activities.  We are seeking candidates at the Ph.D., M.S. and B.S. levels, preferably with experience in GC, LC, and MS instrumentation.  Please share this announcement with your colleagues and any possible applicants.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you very much,


Heather C. Kuiper, Ph.D.
Associate Service Fellow

CDC ORISE Fellowship Announcement_PBL-LRL

Name:  Philip Watson

Area of Study / Position Title:   Professor (Physical Chemistry)/Associate Chair

Why chemistry? (What about it initially interested you?):

Turned on to chemistry when about 12 after receiving a home chemistry set as a Xmas gift.

Research focus (in non-science terms) or basic job duties?

Used to research chemistry at the surface of things.  Nowadays, I teach and look after organizing teaching schedules, scheduling classes, assigning TAs, riding herd over the general chemistry teaching staff.

One thing you truly love about your job?

The light-bulb moment when a student who was struggling with a concept “gets it”.

One interesting/strange factoid about yourself.

I like to play cutthroat competitive duplicate bridge at the local club.