A high-level technologist at HP-Corvallis, Peter Klammer, is hoping to partner with OSU and utilize the OSU-HP seed funding (apparently proposals are due July 9).  I thought you might be interested in a collaboration, but we would be grateful if you could forward this project description to colleagues that might be interested in this partnership.

Kind regards,

Phil Harding

Project Scope Summary:

HP would like to identify and test photoluminescent colorants that meet specific requirements for TIJ inks.  These colorants could be dyes, pigments or nanoparticles that are either soluble or dispersable in water.  We are specifically looking for colorants that are excited in the visible region under D50 illumination and emit with high lightness (L*) to produce fluorescent C, M, or Y colors.  Some work on this has already been done within HP. We are looking for a more comprehensive review of the literature, industrial colorant suppliers, and potentially any innovative photo chemistry or physics that will yield colorants with the desired properties.  The result of this work would yield a white paper and selective test results which provides a broad summary of available fluorescent/photoluminescent colorants and an analysis of their applicability for TIJ inks as evaluated against a set of HP requirements.

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