OSU tenured/tenure-track, senior instructor, and emeritus faculty are invited to submit honors course proposals for 2017-2018 at honors.oregonstate.edu/course-proposals.  Any General Catalog course can be offered as a small, highly-engaged honors course; proposals for interdisciplinary colloquia are also welcome. Faculty may apply for Meehan course development grants of up to $3000 to develop experiential learning opportunities for honors courses.  For more information: tara.williams@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-6412.  Deadline: Jan. 15, 2017.

Ask questions and get assistance completing your Alternative Testing Agreements and Flexibility with Attendance/Assignments Agreements; view the testing rooms, security measures and assistive technology available to DAS students. Friday, Jan. 13 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. at DAS Testing Center, Heckart Lodge 3rd floor, 30th & Jefferson. For more information contact disability.services@oregonstate.edu

Congratulations to our Fall 2016 Honor Roll Students!

Albrecht, Amy
Aldous, Tanner
Anderson, Jordan
Ansari, Surfyan Ahmed,
Aponso, Savinda
Ash, Kaitlyn
Austin, Molly
Bahro, Christopher
Bali, Meghan
Bierman, Jeffrey
Bryant, Natalie
Coddington, Nathan
Conroy, Jocelyn
Day, Blake
Devine, Sarah
Ferguson, Janet
Fried, Zachary
Fuller, Duncan
Gonzales, Seth
Hanson, Erin
Hargrave, Haily
Hoag, Morgan
Hochstetler, Cory
Hoffman, Zachary
Humphreys, Hunter
Kim, Maya
Koga, Kenneth
La Jeunesse, Jesse
Lachance, Jon-Luke
Lafave, Derek
Lee-Rouille, Taylor
Lew, Cassandra
Lindermann, Makayla
Liu-May, Rachel
Malone, Alexandra
Marshall, Stephanie
Matlapudi, Susmitha
Moore, Kohlson
Naas, Kayla
Ocel, Duncan
Palmiter, James
Pina, Jasmine
Potter, Kristin
Rear, Henry
Renaud, Richard
Reynolds, Tyelor
Richards, Maxson
Rist, Benjamin
Ruark, Collin
Ryu, Jennifer
Sandwisch, Jason
Simpson, Avery
Stout, Kenneth
Tully, Sara
Turner, Allison
Vergis, John
Walker, Mesa

Dear Colleague Letter: FY 2017 Improving Graduate Student Preparedness for the Chemistry Workforce (CHE 17-045)

Dear Colleague Letter: 2017 Division of Chemistry Supplemental Funding Proposals for International Collaboration (CHE 17-043)

Dear Colleague Letter: Data-Driven Discovery Science in Chemistry (D3SC) (NSF 17-036)

Innovations at the Nexus of Food, Energy and Water Systems (INFEWS) (NSF 17-530)

And a “request for information” that might influence future NSF investments in advanced computing for the scientific community
The new NSF Dear Colleague Letter posted today: Request for Information on Future Needs for Advanced Cyberinfrastructure to Support Science and Engineering Research (NSF CI 2030),https://www.nsf.gov/publications/pub_summ.jsp?ods_key=nsf17031.

The Research Office is launching two new Incentive Programs.  Small Grants (SG).  This program will support individual faculty research across OSU, and will support both the development of extramural grant proposal development and scholarly activities that advance SP3.0.  The SGs will have two categories.  Category 1. Individual grants will range from $15,000-$25,000 with a total program budget of about $80,000/y.  Category 2. Individual grants will range from $3,000 – $7,000 with a total program budget of about $90,000. Large Program Development (LPD) grants program will stimulate major, transdisciplinary, extramurally-funded research programs by supporting multidisciplinary teams to work together to form new research cores at OSU that advance SP3.0. The LPD program will have a budget of about $160k/y for all LPDs, with expectation of launching two per year.  Questions?  Click on this LINK for complete details Incentive.Programs@oregonstate.edu

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides funding and instructional design support for the redesign of existing Corvallis campus courses as reduced-meeting-time hybrid courses. These funds are in support of participation in a faculty learning community in spring term and the development of a hybrid course. See Request for Proposals; apply by Jan. 10, 2017. Questions? Contact Cub Kahn.

The Oregon State University Advantage Accelerator program is launching the Next Great Startup competition for OSU students in winter term of 2017. The event will feature the first student-based, university-wide business competition. It will begin in January, 2017, and the finals will be held on March 9. Application deadline is Jan. 16, 8 a.m. The winning team will receive more than $10,000 in cash, goods and services. Cash and in-kind prizes will be awarded to the top four teams. Additionally, mentors from the community and the accelerator will participate in coaching the teams. More information on the competition and eligibility is available online at http://nextgreatstartup.oregonstate.edu