Good morning Colleagues,

First, I would like to acknowledge all the Veterans that have served our country – we are grateful.  The Division of Materials Research has stellar staff members that have also served in the military and we are honored to work with them to fulfil NSF’s mission.

Secondly, I am very excited to inform you that the prepublication of the National Academies study on “NSF Efforts to Achieve the Nation’s Vision for the Materials Genome Initiative,” is now available online.  Thanks to all of you in the community that took the time to provide input to this report and to the outstanding co-chairs for pulling it all together:  Ronald Latanision and Karin M. Rabe.

The new Designing Materials to Revolutionize and Engineer out Future (DMREF) will be released soon.  I strongly encourage you to read this NASEM study and if you plan to apply to the DMREF program, to think about how you can help NSF help the Nation realize the vision of MGI through your own research, education, and training endeavors.

Best to everyone!


Linda S. Sapochak, Ph.D.

Division Director

Division of Materials Research

National Science Foundation


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