Dear OSU Graduate Faculty,

As part of an ongoing strategic partnership with the Pacific Northwest National Lab (PNNL), the OSU Graduate School is pleased to announce that applications for the 2023 PNNL-OSU Distinguished Graduate Research Program (DGRP) are open effective today.

The Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – Oregon State University Distinguished Graduate Research Program (PNNL-OSU DGRP) is a four-year opportunity designed to provide collaborative research and training to OSU graduate students. Students selected to participate in the program will benefit from having the expertise of graduate committee members from both organizations and access to the world-class research infrastructure at OSU and PNNL. The DGRP is a four-year program in which years one and two are funded by OSU, namely through department or faculty grants. During years three and four, PNNL will fund the student’s stipend and benefits, the OSU Graduate School will provide a tuition waiver, and the student will be primarily located at PNNL. An essential requirement of the program is that the co-advisors from the OSU and PNNL must be willing to support the student in the proposed collaboration research topic. Additionally, the OSU advisor must be on a full-time faculty appointment. 

The Graduate School is soliciting applications to the 2023 PNNL-OSU DGRP cohort. Nominees must be first year or second year Ph.D. students in STEM and related science and engineering disciplines at OSU. We are particularly interested in attracting outstanding students that represent the existing and emerging areas of collaboration with PNNL. A maximum of five students will be selected for 2023 cohort.

Since OSU’s Ph.D. programs have a variety of recruiting and admission timelines, we have set the priority deadline for applications to the DGRP as February 20, 2023. Interested faculty should identify a potential student applicant, PNNL collaborator, and complete the online application. Eligibility requirements, award details, and the nomination procedure are available on the Graduate School website at

If you have any questions, please email   

Jessica Beck


Jessica Beck, Ph.D.

Assistant Dean

Graduate School |Oregon State University

204 Heckart | Corvallis, OR 97331

541.737.8576 |

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