Researchers at Oregon State University are seeking volunteers to study compounds in the body after one serving of broccoli or alfalfa sprouts. We are seeking male and female participants who meet these criteria: 

•             Age 18-60 years old 

•             Non-smokers – tobacco, marijuana or other substances including e-cigarettes/vaping

•             Generally healthy – no history of heart disease/stroke, diabetes, kidney, liver or thyroid problems, or chemotherapy/radiation for cancer within 5 years 

•             Not pregnant or breastfeeding 

•             Not doing more than 7 hours of vigorous exercise per week 

•             Have not had bariatric surgery or history of stomach or intestinal problems 

•             Not taking medication to control cholesterol or fat absorption 

This study involves giving blood, urine and stool samples, 7 visits to OSU and lasts 72 hours. If you take part in the study you will receive up to $150.  Free parking will be provided. 

For more information or to see if you qualify, contact us at or 541-737-5049 or visit for study information and on-line screener.

Study Title: Discovery of Biological Signatures for Cruciferous Vegetable Intake: Integration of the Broccoli- and Host-derived Metabolome and the Microbiome Principle Investigator: Emily Ho, PhD

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