As announced in July, the College of Science will host a virtual town hall listening to Black students in the College. The purpose of this listening session will be to center Black students’ experiences and listen to their suggestions through written and spoken testimonials. The date for the listening session is set for Thursday, Oct. 8, 5–6:30 p.m.

Many Black students have had a negative experience in College of Science courses. For example, Black students have a 70% higher DFW rate in some classes than non-Black students. Regardless of intent, this is a racist outcome. The listening session is one step toward achieving a different, anti-racist outcome. The town hall will be followed by an action plan developed over the subsequent months.

Please make arrangements to attend this event. We all need to hear the voices of our Black students, and our expectation is that all College employees – faculty, staff, and graduate students assistants – attend this listening session.

This virtual town hall, the first in a series centering voices from marginalized identities in STEM, is being organized in collaboration with the College of Science Student Anti-Racism Coalition, as well as Black staff members from the OSU Educational Opportunities Program and the Black Cultural Center. 

Closed captioning will be provided. Registration is required.




Roy Haggerty (he/him/his)

Dean of Science

128 Kidder Hall

Oregon State University

Corvallis, OR 97331

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