I am writing to request your assistance in identifying doctoral students of color in your program to participate in the Southern Regional Educational Board(SREB) Doctoral Scholars Program. Oregon State University has partnered with SREB to provide mentoring and support for doctoral students of color who are interested in becoming faculty members in academia. While the program is designed primarily for students of color, anyone can apply. The SREB Doctoral Scholars Program was established more than 20 years ago to increase the number of scholars of color who earn their Ph.D., and to address the need for a more diverse college faculty. OSU participates as an individual institution, and supports four doctoral students and their advisors to participate in the SREB program at no cost to your department. OSU currently has funding for three new Doctoral Scholars Program participants, and we invite nominations from you and doctoral candidate advisors to participate starting with the 2020-21 academic year. Please share this information with doctoral program directors in your college.

Preference is given to candidates who are just beginning or within their first year of doctoral study. SREB is especially interested in candidates from STEM disciplines, however other disciplines are welcomed. Additionally, the doctoral advisor can attend the Institute on Teaching and Mentoring for one year with the doctoral student at no cost to the advisor or student based on our agreement with SREB.

SREB provides the following:

  1. Coordinates the annual Institute on Teaching and Mentoring for Scholars, which emphasizes gaining knowledge, developing professional skills and building a sense of commitment, teamwork and belonging.
  2. Provides the following program services: orientation for scholars; consultation with the scholar’s campus liaison and advisor/mentor; monitoring scholar enrollment and progress reports; initiating periodic and frequent communications via such avenues as listservs, newsletters, emails, phone calls and personal contact; and supporting scholar professional development.
  1. To nominate a student you think would benefit from this program, please share their name and email with my assistant, Pamela Johnson at pamela.johnson@oregonstate.edu.  (Prior to October 9th.)
  2. She will forward them a short application to complete. 

Deadline to submit applications to our office is Oct. 9, 2020. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at charlene.alexander@oregonstate.edu.

About SREB

The Southern Regional Education Board works with states to improve public education at every level, from early childhood through doctoral education. We help policymakers make informed decisions by providing independent, accurate data and recommendations. We help educators strengthen student learning with professional development, proven practices and curricula. And we help policymakers, institutions and educators share scarce resources to accomplish more together than they could alone.

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