This email is to request your assistance in identifying any OSU graduate students or faculty (adjunct or otherwise), with a master’s degree or greater in chemistry, who is available to teach our General Chemistry course as an adjunct during the Fall 2018 term (August 29th – December 14th), please see Fall 2017 syllabus attached.

As our lecture (CHEM 121) and lab (CHEM 121L) are two separate courses, that need to be taken simultaneously, there is an option for the adjunct in question to teach the lecture only, with me teaching the lab.  Teaching both or lecture only is up to the adjunct we hire.

I ask that you direct interested parties to me, for questions, and to the link at for the application process.

Thank you.



Tim Rogers, M.Ed.

CHEM121_MCNEIL_FA17 08-24-17

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