Prof. May Nyman and her research group will be participating.  Make sure you attend and VOTE Nyman Group!!


My name is Sydney and I am an Environmental Engineering student planning the 2018 Dancing with the faculty event. Within the last two weeks you received an email inviting you to participate in this fundraising event, and I am sending this email to inform you that the event has been rescheduled to May 3rd. If you would still like to participate, or couldn’t participate before but can now, please fill out this poll.
In case you didn’t receive the previous email, allow me to explain what Dancing with the Faculty is. Dancing with the Faculty is a collaborative fundraising event between several College of Engineering and College of Science student groups and organizations, featuring the dancing talents of students and faculty across both colleges.  The event will also include a performance from PowerChord, one of OSU’s premier a cappella groups!
The event itself is free to attend, however the attendees get to vote for their favorite dance groups by donating $0.50 per vote. All of the funds raised for this even will be donated to Relay for Life, a community based fundraising event for the American Cancer Society.
The event will now be taking place on May 3rd in the MU Horizon Room from 7-9pm!

Again, If you are interested please fill out this poll.

Please feel free to email myself at, or reply to this email if you have any questions about the event. (Or even have faculty in mind you think would be fantastic for this kind of event!)

Even if you do not want to participate in dancing activities please consider still being at the event! It will be a great time with a great group of people! Additionally, please advertise to any students you might think would be interested!


Sydney Clark

President Elect – CBEE Student Club/AIChE Chapter
Laboratory Assistant – Goni Biogeochemistry Lab
Oregon State University
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