The fourth annual Portland American Chemical Society Undergraduate Poster Symposium and Career Fair will be held on Sunday, October 22, at the SRTC Building at Portland State University, from 4-7 PM.  We hope to have 40 or more undergraduates presenting posters about their summer research; there will be free pizza and pastries (and other food and drink).

There will be $150 first prizes and possibly $75 second prizes in each of seven divisions (Organic, Inorganic, Analytical, Physical, Biochemistry, Polymers, Materials).  Note that the chances of winning a prize are pretty high!

We anticipate that representatives of many local companies and graduate schools will be present; the schedule is designed to allow plenty of time for the students to leave their posters and interact with the recruiters and other students.

I am writing to seek your help in getting this information to every undergraduate attending a school in the Portland or Oregon ACS sections who did chemistry-related research during the summer of 2017.  No one knows this better than the faculty.  Please forward this to your colleagues, and through them (or directly) to appropriate students; in addition to those who did research on campus last summer, please try to remember those who did research somewhere else.  Company and national lab internships count, as long as the students are able to divulge their results, and researchers from other departments are also welcome, as long as there is some connection to chemistry.  The results need not be high impact—we understand that some projects do not work as expected, but one can still make good posters about them.

There is no selection process for this event—any student registering may present.  Full information, including registration instructions, can be found at the following web site:  However, we do not want a bunch of no-shows—registration should constitute a good-faith commitment to attend and present.

Deadline for registration is October 10.  We need some lead time to prepare the booklet.  To encourage early submission, there will be a $10 prize for the first 5 students who register!



Dave Reingold

Marilyn Mackiewicz


2017 Flyer

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