Name: Sarah Burton

Area of Study / Position Title: Graduate Coordinator

Why chemistry? (What about it initially interested you?): While chemistry is an interesting field, I lean toward the soft sciences. This is why I’m the Graduate Coordinator, and not a chemist. If you want a sympathetic ear or a fellowship researched, I’m your girl. If you hand me dangerous chemical compounds, I’ll likely mistake them for a tasty beverage or a delightful snack.

Research focus (in non-science terms) or basic job duties? I work behind the scenes for graduate students, processing their paperwork, collecting application information, setting up recruitment events. Beyond that, I sit at the front desk, granting requests and solving problems, like a benign mob boss who must operate within the bounds of the law. Completely within the bounds of the law.

One thing you truly love about your job? Operating within the bounds of the law.

One interesting/strange factoid about yourself. There are no strange factoids about me. I am completely normal. If you look beneath the surface, you will not find anything out of the ordinary.

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