Students take OSU Chemistry online for a variety of reasons. This month, we focus on Angela Courchesne, an experienced high school teacher who needed additional credits in Chemistry to advance her career. Here is Angela’s story:

I have been a teacher in the state of Connecticut for 20 years and I am seeking an additional cross-endorsement in Chemistry.  I am presently certified in grades 7-12 biology and 7-12 general science.  I took the Praxis certification exam (which is used by a majority of states in the US) and passed it, then sent my credentials to the state education department to see what I would need to obtain my certification.  They told me I needed 7 additional chemistry credits to satisfy the requirements necessary for certification, so I am taking them through OSU Ecampus.

These online courses are perfect for those working full time.  I received my Master’s degree in Education online through another university.  It was perfect: no running trying to get to class on time, and you can schedule your studies around your work schedule.  During my work for my Master’s degree, I was married with no kids, but now with 2 children we are a busy family, and OSU’s online courses have worked out well.  They are best for someone who can have the discipline to sit down and get their work done bit by bit; if you are a procrastinator, you can get overwhelmed quickly because there is a lot to cover.  If I am in need of other classes, I will certainly look towards Oregon State University Ecampus Chemistry again.  Also, I would highly recommend these classes for others in a similar situation as mine.




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