To support your efforts to recruit diverse Chemistry & Physical Sciences Faculty, Academic Careers Online hosts the 4th annual Online Diversity Job Fair through the end of February (to coincide with Black History Month.)

How does it work? We built a large database of diverse faculty, doctoral students, and professionals in all academic and administrative areas, and using push-technology we alert them of your job in theOnline Diversity Job Fair. This includes applicants from diverse backgrounds as well as those in short supply such as women in science, technology, math and engineering, or males in nursing and education. It is very pro-active.

Any travel? It’s online so no need to travel and no access barriers for applicants to view your job opening.

How much? Each job opening advertisement, which automatically includes participation in the Online Diversity Job Fair, is USD 195

To post a job and participate: or, select “Employers enter here” and follow the simple steps. You will receive an invoice later via email and can pay by purchase order, university check, or credit card.

I am here to help you. For a faster response do not hit the reply button but use the email address below.

Robert J. Kuhne, Ph.D.
Academic Careers Online
485 Devon Park Drive, Suite 116
Wayne, PA 19087, USA
Telephone: 610-964-9200


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