College of Science Faculty, Staff and Students:

As you know, Dr Sherm Bloomer will begin his appointment as Director of Budget and Fiscal Planning on February 1, 2012. I have initiated an expedited internal search to identify an interim dean. The interim dean will lead the College until a permanent dean is appointed and begins her/his appointment.

Dr Mark Zabriskie, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, will serve as chair of the screening committee for the interim dean position. The other members of the screening committee will be confirmed soon. In the meantime, the position announcement is attached and applications for the position are welcome. Please note the February 6 application deadline.

I will initiate the search for a permanent Dean in the near future, but first, I will identify a date and time for a College forum so that I have an opportunity to meet with you to hear about your expectations for the position.


Sabah Randhawa

Provost and Executive Vice President

Interim Dean of Science Job Description

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