There are three new open opportunities on the Halo platform. I’ve attached slides from the informational webinars held this week, along with my notes from the Q&A sessions. Please feel free to send me an email or call if you have questions about the presentations. 

Halo submissions are simple and short. Only non-confidential information is shared at this stage, and if advanced, you’ll loop in OSRAA and a Cayuse submission. Importantly, this stage initiates a relationship between the PI and the corporation, a pathway by which future research developments can be shared.

Deadlines for all three of these calls are March 31. Halo highly suggests submitting as soon as possible; submissions will be reviewed as quickly as they are received. Those received before the crowded last week before the deadline have an attention advantage. 

Joyn Bio

Plant-associated microbes for crop care

Seeking licensing agreements for new strains of plant-associated microbes (Bacteria, Fungi, Yeast, or other unicellular organisms) for generating engingeered microorganisms. 

Relevant research areas: Microbiology, Crop Science

Funding can range from $10,000 to $500,000 over the course of one year. 


Recyclable materials with vapor barriers for paper-based food packaging

Sonoco is seeking barrier materials, coatings, films, structures or components therein, for paper-based rigid can and flexible food packaging. The barriers must reduce oxygen and moisture vapor transmission while maintaining food freshness during transportation, shelf life and consumer use. Technology that improves surface or coating characteristics of the paper for subsequent barrier materials is also of interest.

Funding can range up to $100,000 for a 6-12 month project with potential follow on funding for 1-2 years.

Sustainable mold coating/technology for part release from metal mold

Coatings or technologies that promote the release of polyester or polyamide thermoformed or injection molded parts from metal molds without using Teflon. The solution should be durable and should not peel off from the surface of the metal mold at operating temperatures which may exceed 400°F.

Funding can range up to $100,000 for 6-12 month projects with the potential follow on funding for 1-2 years




Director of Development, Foundation Relations

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