I am forwarding you an email that all received last Friday, with a few notes about what this means for research in particular.

As of midnight tonight (12:01 am, 6/30/21), all COVID-related social distancing, capacity and mask mandates have been lifted.  This means that you may choose to meet in-person without wearing a mask (including on campus), and run labs and other facilities at pre-COVID densities.  Also, as a reminder, business travel is again permitted (since the beginning of June). In general, we are not to require of our employees or supervisees anything that is not required – for example, masks may not be mandated by us on others beyond what the policy specifies.

COS’ research page has been updated accordingly:


This page can also be accessed from this site 

https://science.oregonstate.edu/covid-19 by clicking on the “research and travel resumption” tab. 

We will keep these pages updated for a few more months, until people are reasonably comfortable with the transition back to on-campus work.

Please take a moment to re-read Dan Larson’s note to campus and the associated websites.  If you have any questions, please reach out to Associate Dean Vrushali Bokil and your department head.


Roy Haggerty

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