Starting March 22, 2021, the service counter for picking up keys from the OSU Access, Lock and Key Shop is relocating to the university ID Center, located in the Memorial Union from its current location at 560 SW 15th in the Facilities Services Shops Complex. This move offers students, staff and faculty expanded hours for key pick up at a more convenient location. Some important things to note:

  • The process for requesting keys does not change. Key Authorizers are still responsible for requesting keys for a unit or department.
  • The ID Center can receive key returns. However, we ask that departments continue accepting returned keys.
  • Please check the ID Center’s website for current service hours. The ID center is running limited service hours due to the COVID-19 response. 
  • ID Center staff will be unable to answer questions or concerns involving keys or locks. Questions about keys and locks should be directed to

We’ve posted a resource to help you learn more about the change in key counter service. All other questions, concerns and issues about keys and locks should go to or (if a work order is needed). 

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