My name is Jacob Yeager and I am the Analytical Chemistry Branch Head of the Laboratory Division at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton.  I am reaching out to respectfully request your assistance in advertising an entry-level chemist position available to your recent, or soon-to-be, chemistry program graduates.  Our laboratory team is comprised of 39 enthusiastic and dedicated professionals who support the US Navy and its essential mission by providing chemistry and metallurgy services needed during ship maintenance, repair, and modernization.  Our work environment is very positive, with a focus on personal growth and professional development and advancement, and we take great pride knowing that the work we do serves the defense of our families, friends, and nation.  We are looking to hire one chemist with excellent interpersonal and laboratory skills who share our values of service, excellence, integrity, teamwork, and ingenuity.

The position is in the Analytical Chemistry branch and will provide development opportunities and experience in the following:

·         Instrumental Analysis: ICP-OES and MS, Arc-OES, Hg via CVAA, CN via amperometric detection, and more. 

·         Prepare, extract, and test a wide array of matrices to various procedures 

·         Evaluate and review data/procedures and produce detailed reports 

·         Facilitate corrective/preventative action procedures to minimize QC failures 

·         Troubleshoot equipment in order to resume critical work 

·         Establish quality control requirements outlined in ISO 17025 

·         Plan, organize, and direct the laboratory quality assurance program 

·         Review and evaluate results conducted under the quality assurance program 

·         Participate in proficiency and round robin studies to demonstrate competency 

·         Prepare summaries/reports for improving the quality assurance program 

I am hopeful that you will share this exciting chemistry career opportunity with your recent/upcoming graduates.  To apply, please ask that interested chemists email their resume/CV, cover letter, and college transcripts (unofficial) to by April 12th.

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