Our department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology has openings for four tenured/tenure-track faculty positions. 

Could you please help spread the word to your networks and encourage all promising candidates to apply? 

Applications received by Dec 15 will receive full consideration for all positions. 

Carbon neutral and carbon negative technologies as applied to sustainable energy and materials


Analytical or environmental chemistry with a focus on plastics


Computational modeling related to multiscale mechanobiology, cell-cell, or cell-substrate interfaces (with College of Engineering)


Mechanobiology at the molecular, cellular, tissue and/or whole organism scales. (with College of Engineering)


The Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (“CCB”) (https://cos.northeastern.edu/chemistry-chemical-biology/) includes 27 tenured/tenure-track faculty, 30% of whom are women; nine full-time teaching faculty; four research faculty; and eight faculty with affiliated appointments.  CCB was recognized as the most gender diverse faculty among the top 50 US Chemistry Departments in 2019.  CCB enrolls approximately 150 undergraduate majors; 27 M.S. and PlusOne (BS/MS) students; and 80 Ph.D. students.

In the Northeastern University College of Science, we embrace a culture of respect, where each person is valued for their contribution and is treated fairly. We oppose all forms of racism. We support a culture that does not tolerate any form of discrimination and where each person may belong. As a College, we strive to have a diverse membership, one where each person is trained and mentored to promote their success.

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