OSU Accounts Payable has maintained a program called AutoPay for a number of years.  The AutoPay program allows employees to make purchases from certain vendors using an OSU index for billing purposes.  After April 20th we will transition some of the AutoPay vendors to other purchasing and payment methods. This transition will enable the Accounts Payable team to focus on further enhancement of new technology and additional methods for purchasing and payment. To assist you with the transition, please see the chart below indicating the vendors, the purchasing/payment method, preferred method and secondary method.  We appreciate your collaboration as we move through this transition.  If you have questions, please contact RaeLee Aguilar or Kelly Kozisek


Purchasing/Payment Methods  
Supplier Preferred Secondary  
Azumano Travel Service Inc Remaining on AutoPay N/A  
Bi-Mart Corp Remaining on AutoPay N/A  
Enterprise Holdings Remaining on AutoPay N/A  
GCA Education Services Inc Remaining on AutoPay N/A  
NW Natural Gas Company Remaining on AutoPay N/A  
Robnetts Hardware Remaining on AutoPay N/A  
Office Depot/Max Inc BennyBuy Catalog Website w/ Pcard*  
Staples BennyBuy Catalog Website w/ Pcard*  
TWGW Inc (Napa) BennyBuy Catalog Website or Phone w/ Pcard  
VWR International LLC BennyBuy Catalog Website or Phone w/ Pcard*  
WW Grainger, Inc. BennyBuy Catalog Website or Phone w/ Pcard  
Fisher Scientific LLC BennyBuy Purchase Request BuyOrange Portal w/ Index  
Oregonian Publishing Company BennyBuy Purchase Request Email w/ Pcard  
Oregon State University Bookstore Walk-in w/ Pcard Phone w/ Pcard  
Smith Glass Service Inc BennyBuy Purchase Request Phone w/ Pcard  
Willamette Graystone Inc BennyBuy Purchase Request Walk-in w/ Pcard  
*Website will be available through BuyOrange Portal
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