Residents of Gilbert Hall and Gilbert Addition,

Information Services has planned a network outage for Gilbert Hall and Gilbert Addition on July 31st from 5pm to midnight to install new single mode fiber.  Cosine would like to take this opportunity of the planned network outage to move Gilbert Hall and Gilbert Addition over to the New Core network.

Find more information about the New Core network here: The link also includes a request form for those needing  public IP addresses for network devices; please read the Q&A for details.

Benefits of the new core migration are:

  • Improved speed to desktops. Currently, connections have a 100MB bandwidth, which will increase to 1GB.
  • Added security & protection from the internet. All IPs are private (public IPs provided via request form).
  • Added redundancy and improved network routing. On the old core, if hardware fails in another building, the failure has the potential to impact network traffic across campus.
  • Network isolation adds the ability to separate sensitive devices (cameras, sensors, printers, etc.) from the workstation network.
  • All network gear will be replaced, which in some cases is over 10 years old.
  • Floor switches will have 20GB aggregate (2x10Gb) links to the Gilbert core router. Gilbert buildings will then be connected to the campus backbone at 40Gb.

On Tuesday, August 1st, if you do not have an internet connection, please restart your computer before contacting the helpdesk for assistance. And in rare cases, if you are unable to print after the network outage because your printers are added via IP, you will need to re-add printers; contact the helpdesk for instructions or refer to our documentation here:

If you have comments or concerns, replying to this email will create a ticket.

Please distribute this message to your colleagues in Gilbert.


Thank you,


Joe Defilippis

Helpdesk Supervisor, Cosine IT Services

Division of Arts and Sciences

Oregon State University

541-737-5574 | Cordley 1003

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