EXCITING and Unique opportunities will be had at the upcoming American Chemical Society (ACS) 72nd Northwest Regional Meeting(NORM 2017) to be held from June 25 – 28, 2017 on the Oregon State University (OSU) campus in Corvallis. We are expecting a large and engaged group of chemists and engineers – from undergraduate to practicing scientists – in attendance at the Region’s premier Chemistry event.

As a part of the Innovation Initiative of ACS President Allison Campbell, we have organized the Innovation Track with 2.5 days of innovation-aligned programming, training, networking events with luncheon, dinner and two social hours, including a unique Innovation Fair targeted at start-up and proto-venture chemistry companies!
TAKE YOUR RESEARCH TO THE NEXT LEVEL and register for the debut of a  ½ day Innovation Training: Lens of the Market®. This workshop gives you the first steps in the skills you need to demonstrate how your research can make an impact beyond a publication, and offers beginning tools to inform your research based on market and societal need. Teams and individuals can apply, and scholarships are available for students!!
In one short half day session you’ll gain the basic vocabulary and skills to define products and services from your research; define options for the markets they could serve and learn how to build a testable market hypothesis – a value proposition for your potential product or service and define the structure of the market segment you could serve by building its value chain.

Application is also open online for a booth for start-ups and proto-ventures within the Innovation Fair as part of the Vendor Expo.  We have 16 half tables available in a VERY PROMINENT LOCATION within the NORM Vendor Exposition! IF YOU ARE ACCEPTED to the INNOVATION FAIR, we have SPONSORSHIP FUNDING that will pay for your half table!

WHO can be part of the INNOVATION FAIR:
New start-ups and soon-to-be-start-ups or proto-ventures which may have received grants but which have not yet received dilutive funding. You may not even be a company yet! You may be in the stage of becoming a company or not sure IF you want to be a company and want to license or sell your IP (intellectual property). What you must have is a clear, defensible and market-validated value proposition and some scientific data on whether your idea will work that you can share with us. You can be from a university, a national lab or simply a great team of chemists from multiple places!

HOW do I become part of the Innovation Fair: PLEASE both
1. REGISTER for NORM at http://www.norm2017.org/ and

Programming tracks and networking events cover all aspects of chemistry at NORM 2017!  Please see the Program-at-a-Glance at www.NORM2017.org/program for the meeting’s planned technical programming. We are honored that the Northwest Region’s own 2017 ACS President Allison Campbell, a leader at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), will be giving the meeting’s kick-off keynote address to highlight her messages of: Science Advocacy; Science Literacy & Communication; Chemistry Safety; and the value of Chemistry Innovation Solutions to challenges facing people and our planet.

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