Residents of Gilbert Hall and perhaps elsewhere,

I am aware of the excessive heat in Gilbert Hall.  Since I’m the focal point for facilities issues I know that the problem is not confined to specific rooms but is a systemic problem as I’ve received messages from all floors and all wings within the Building.

I’ve contacted Facilities and Campus Environmental Controls.  The situation is the University Campus wide control system; Unity, is down.  Facilities have been working trying to get this system repaired.  When the Unity System went down, it left the buildings in their last state.  For us, it was heat on.  This means we are gaining radiant heat from the steam pipes 24/7 whether or not an individual room’s thermostat is on or off.

To minimize the impact of Unity being down, Campus Environmental Controls will be manually turning the building heat on every workday morning and; turning it off every workday evening.  This will minimize the accumulation of heat within the building.

This also means that weekends and Holiday’s the building will be cooler than work days.

I will keep you posted on any further developments.

Thank you for your understanding.



Rusty Root
Coordinator-Building Services
Chem Purchasing/Facilities/Building Management
Oregon State University, Department of Chemistry
143 Gilbert Hall, Corvallis OR 97331-8546
Purchasing Business:
All Other Business:
PH: 541-737-6722
Cell: 541-231-9243

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