My name is Ed Brnardic and I work as a medicinal chemist in the Heart Failure group at GSK (GlaxoSmithKline).  I am writing to you with an internship opportunity for your students beginning in September/October of 2016.  We will be hiring 3 synthetic organic students for a 12 month internship to work in our medicinal chemistry teams synthesizing novel organic molecules as potential drug candidates.  One of those positions will be in our Heart Failure group and the other 2 will be in our Muscle Metabolism group.  To qualify for an internship we are looking for one of the following???.

A Ph.D. student who is working towards their degree (i.e. not yet graduated otherwise they would be classified as a post-doc).


A student who has completed a master???s degree within the past year (i.e. graduated after September 2015)

For the Ph.D. students they could be at any point in their studies.  In the past we have had students who are half way through their Ph.D. studies, as well as students who have completed their lab work and are interested in the internship while they write up their thesis.  Either situation is fine.

Please feel free to pass on this information to any students or colleagues that may be interested.

Students can apply online
Job code for Heart Failure: 2016-15076
Job code for Muscle Metabolism: 2016-15077

They can also contact me or Tony Handlon directly with any questions.

GSK Co op Opportunity

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