The students have spoken – our new semester sequence bridge courses are a success! As of the current Winter 2016 term, we have begun offering CH 124 and CH 125: half-term courses that supplement our regular term in order for a distance student to meet a full semester at his or her home university. Here is the feedback we’ve received so far from students in these courses:


Christine Stockunas…. “I was a dually enrolled student last year when I took CH121 through OSU Ecampus.  Seeing how successful I was, thanks in part to the instruction and support I experienced with OSU chemistry department, I decided to pursue a science-based degree.  Due to some course inequivalencies from another school, as well as beginning my chemistry studies with CH 121, I was unable to transfer directly into the 200-level chemistry sequence this year.   If it were not for CH 124 being offered I would have to take the entire first term of chemistry over again! Offering CH 124 is saving me time, stress, and money.”


Andrew Wimer… “I had 1 semester of chemistry at Willamette University about 12 years ago and am looking to make a career change. The program I’m applying to requires a full year of chemistry. I was thrilled to find [CH 125] because the University to which I am applying was willing to accept this bridge course and that has allowed me to have the option of not taking 2 terms of chemistry. Having it online is an additional benefit, as I work M-F 7-5 and am unable to attend almost every other alternative to this course. Overall, I don’t think there could’ve been a better fit for my situation than what is offered here in this course.”


Jaime Geib…. “[CH 124] was very convenient to meet my needs of fulfilling credit requirements for another University. However…the four week period is a stressful timeline to complete all of the work required by a 3-credit course. I would not recommend it to people working full time. This is what I am doing right now and it is not easily manageable. However, this course probably meets the needs of an undergraduate student much differently, especially if that student is on break.”


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