Accordingly, the American Chemical Society is pleased to announce a competition for the eleventh Irving S. Sigal Postdoctoral Fellowship.  This fellowship offers two years of financial support for a scientist who has received or will receive a doctoral degree from a group of selected US chemistry departments in 2015-2016, and who wishes to study a problem at the biology-chemistry interface.

Irving S. Sigal Fellowships are currently awarded at two year intervals.  Since a very large number of nominees could result from an invitation to each US chemistry department awarding the doctoral degree, ACS has decided to divide the graduate chemistry departments into five groups, with a different group of departments invited to participate in successive competitions.  Your department at Oregon State University is invited to nominate a doctoral student who seeks postdoctoral funding for 2016-2018.

The ACS invites your department to nominate one graduate student who has received or expects to receive a doctoral degree in any field of chemistry during 2015-2016, and who would like to pursue postdoctoral study at the biology-chemistry interface.  ACS places no restrictions on the nominee, such as age or nationality, beyond the criteria in the previous sentence.  We need to receive the name, postal mail, and email address of your nominee by COB January 29, 2016.  You may send in your nomination by email, fax or mail, but you may only nominate one student to participate.  The nominee will be invited to complete and return by March 25 an application we will e-mail to him/her.  Announcement of the Sigal Postdoctoral Fellow is anticipated by late June 2016. It is expected that the Sigal Fellow will commence the two years of postdoctoral study by January 1, 2017.

Thank you for your cooperation in identifying outstanding candidates.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sincerely yours,

Askar Fahr, Ph.D.
Program Manager
The Irving S. Sigal Postdoctoral Fellowships

American Chemical Society
1155 Sixteenth St., NW
Washington, DC 20036

telephone: (202) 872-6207
fax: (202) 872-6319

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