Tuesday, November 3rd
Debra Rolison
US Naval Research Laboratory
LPSC 402 4pm
Controlling rates within electrochemical environments through architectural design on the nanoscale

Wednesday, November 4th
Dean’s Distinguished Lecture
Karen Wooley
Texas A&M University
Learning Innovation Center (LInC) 200 5pm
Advanced Applications for Sophisticated Nanoscopic Devices

Thursday, November 5th
Chemistry Undergraduate Research & Professional Empowerment Poster Session
Linus Pauling Science Center Student Street 3pm

Thursday, November 5th
Karen Wooley
Texas A&M University
LPSC 402 5pm
Polymers: A Special Emphasis Toward (Degradable) Materials for Orthopedic, Drug Delivery and Other Applications

Friday, November 6, 2015
Chong Fang
Promotion and Tenure Seminar
LPSC 402 4pm
Capturing Molecular Movies for Functionality with Tunable Femtosecond Raman Spectroscopy

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