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Lab2Market returns! And once again, PSU is opening applications to faculty and students from ALL Oregon universities. It is a competitive process, so please encourage your best, most deserving faculty and researchers working on breakthrough science/tech, that with a chance at being commercializable and investable – with a little help. The info and link is below.

Past participants include:

–PSU Chemistry Professor David Peyton, back when there was no DesignMedix, just some interesting research in a lab around anti-malarials and drug resistance.

–PSU Computer Engineering Chair James McNames, when APDM was just an idea to help Parkinson’s patients. APDM now employs 17 people and has global distribution with multiple uses of its wearable sensors.

DFJ Frontier, the Northern Cal-based VC firm, returns with their passion to educate, gently prod (and sometimes not so gently), to elicit the elevator pitch and essence of the fundable idea from each entrepreneur. It’s magic! I have yet to see a faculty or student, who puts in the time, fail to be transformed by Lab2Market.

But don’t take my word for it: Here’s what Trevor Levin, OHSU Researcher, had to say:

“I’ve attended a number of entrepreneur related events and this one takes the top. Really well organized, great lecturers, and inspiring to spend time with other creative people pitching business ideas. It was also very helpful to get so much feedback on the presentation of the elevator pitch.”

We are READY to see some of the Oregon’s best! (application link below)

Deadline to apply- Aug. 21
Session- Sept. 3-4

Thanks to Ater Wynne LLP for their support of this program. We still have a few available sponsorships. Please contact Angela or Joe if interested.


Angela Jackson / / 503-319-5875
Joe Munk / / 503-725-2312

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