My name is Kate McLean I’m producing a new documentary film on Bill Nye, the beloved TV educator who helped get millions of children excited about science through his show “Bill Nye The Science Guy.” Since we started working on the film, we have heard from a number of fans who grew up with Bill and went on to pursue careers in the STEM  fields — including many women who said the show empowered and inspired them.

We think The Women Chemists Committee is a natural strategic partner for our movie because Bill has passionately advocated for the need for more girls and women to be involved in science and engineering. It’s a personal issue for Bill: his mom was gifted in math and science and worked as a codebreaker for the US Navy during World War II. He credits her with his love of learning.

Over the course of the next year, we will be following Bill as he travels the globe with a message: “If 50% of humans are girls and women, why aren’t 50% of the scientists and engineers women too?!”

In order to fund this film we launched a Kickstarter Campaign (, and we are working hard to get the word out. I really think your WCC chapter members would enjoy this film’s deep dive into the life and work of Bill Nye. Can you please help spread the word?

·         Reach out to the members of your WCC chapter through email newsletters
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Here are some sample tweets:

There’s a new documentary about @BillNye, the Science Guy who inspired a generation of women to become scientists:

Nerds Unite: Help make @billnyefilm on @BillNye’s quest to change the world with #science →

New documentary @billnyefilm needs your help to show how @BillNye is aiming to “change the world!” →

To show our appreciation for your support, if you spread the word about the campaign, we would love to list your WCC chapter on our Kickstarter page and website under Supporting Partners.

I would be happy to send some sample language for emails and blog entries, tell you more about the film, and answer any questions you might have. In the meantime, you can watch a couple of sample scenes from the documentary about Bill Nye continuing Carl Sagan’s legacy and the launching of a solar sail called LightSail. We will also be releasing a special video message from Bill about how his mom’s story inspired him to advocate for women in STEM next week!

Thanks so much for your time and help!

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