This is a friendly reminder that Faculty Rental Regalia Orders are due on April 15th, if you haven’t submitted yours already. Getting your order in by this date will help ensure that there are no size or hood color substitutions. Orders should be in store and ready for pick up by the end of May. The email address provided on the order form will be the address that a pick up reminder is delivered too along with any communication if there are questions about the order.

To avoid the hassle of renting each year, Jostens also offers Fine Quality regalia. Order forms for Doctorate and Masters Fine Quality regalia are available at the Beaver Store Customer Service counter, or you can email a request to and an order form will be emailed to you. A promotional package is being offered for orders submitted by June 30th.

Thank you for your time, have a great Spring term!

Lindsay Bass
OSU Beaver Store
Graduation Coordinator/Customer Service Supervisor

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