Undergraduate of the Quarter - Fall 2013
Undergraduate of the Quarter – Fall 2013

Michael Hughes has been selected as one of our Undergrads of the Quarter for Fall 2013.  Michael grew up in San Jose and went to Westmont High School. He is a non-traditional student who came to OSU while he was living in Medford, OR because of his interest in Animal Science and the benefits of OSU’s in-state tuition.  While taking CH 12X as a requirement for Animal Science, he fell in love with Chemistry because “it felt like a puzzle” and “dissected the world in a way that made sense to him.” He was excited about the possibility to “explore the world” in ways he hadn’t thought of before.  He got interested in undergraduate research over two years ago – working in Professor John Simonsen’s lab in Wood Science on cellulose nanocrystals. His favorite courses have been the intergrated labs as they help to show the connection between lecture and practical science.  Dr. Chris Pastorek is his favorite instructor during his time here.  When not working lab or taking courses, he enjoys spending time with his wife and young daughter.  He plans to attend UC-Santa Barbara this fall for graduate school in Chemistry.  After obtaining his PhD degree, he wants to continue to stay engaged in research.  We are so proud of students like Michael who have found their passion in Chemistry!

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