Mark McCambridge, former vice president for Finance and Administration at Oregon State University, died Thursday, Jan. 16, from cancer. He was 62.

McCambridge was born in Seattle, Wash., and graduated from Santa Clara University in California. He joined OSU in 1994 as director of Business Services. Before coming to OSU he was executive director of the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation. He held several positions at OSU before being named vice president in 2001. McCambridge retired from OSU in July 2013.

“Mark McCambridge was a very special friend of mine,” said OSU President Ed Ray. “And he was a great friend of many, many people at Oregon State University, within higher education in Oregon and throughout the Corvallis community. He will be sorely missed and fondly remembered.

“Mark was instrumental in helping to plan the success that OSU is achieving today, and he championed the highest level of public service and fiscal transparency. He accomplished so much and touched so many lives because of his basic decency, integrity, compassion and sense of service. His word was his bond.”  [read more…]

Originally published in LIFE@OSU a publication of the office of News and Research Communications

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