Please note the following upcoming purchasing deadlines for FY13 purchases and pass along to all faculty and staff as necessary.

If you or your faculty are planning to make purchases within the dollar amounts indicated, you must gather all required documentation and submit to the Business Center before these deadlines to ensure purchases will be made and received in FY13.

Friday, May 10 :  Last day to submit to PaCS at any purchase requisitions for $100,000 or greater for FY13

Friday, June 7 :   Last day to submit to PaCS at any FY13 purchase requisition between $25,000-$100,000

Please note that these deadlines are PaCS’ deadlines.  The BC staff will need at least two to three days to process your requests.

If you have questions on submitting purchase requisitions, please contact me or your assigned department accountants as soon as possible.

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